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  1. I do not think sizecastic comments will ever be a big thing.....
  2. I think you summed it up nicely....
  3. No need to follow the entry process for my 29th effort...... "'We would like to sincerely Thank You for your kind "Pay it Forward" donation during the early part of the Covid-19 pandemic. With your help we were able to distribute over R500 000 worth of much needed blankets and food parcels into the worst effected communities around the Cycle Tour route. Included in your donation was an entry into the next edition of the Cape Town Cycle Tour which has now been scheduled to take place on 10 October 2021. This email serves as confirmation that you have been entered into this years edition of the event and you need not worry about the pressure of trying to enter online – Its all been done!! We look forward to seeing you on 10 October." And yes, I firmly believe it may or may not be windy on race-day! Most wind will be blown off discussing the rolling start though...
  4. Yes you need a phone. To phone a friend when the battery dies and you must still climb 500m to get back home
  5. TIB

    Who remembers?

    Like Brannas and Coke ..... goes well together
  6. #metoo Do you share physical attributes with Kojak and Yul Brynner?
  7. Jewbacca likes small bicycles like BMX and his preferences extends to guitars....
  8. So I'm expecting a miracle if I change the water to wine for 21 days
  9. Is it really necessary to come here and inflict pain upon us now considering a 21 day water-fast....
  10. Is dit nou wat hulle bedoel met speektaal...
  11. TIB

    Who remembers?

    I was a St.8 laaitie when Grease was the flavour of the day. It was just next level. Watched it a few weeks ago... still loved it but in the current era it looked real cheesy. Same with the 70/80's James bond movies. In those days the sets and special effects were cutting edge, now it looks like a school-hall production. But it was cool. We walked like Travolta and the Fonz. We wanted to be a spy. Magnum was just super-cool. Sold a live-style of note. Man, between the car and TC's chopper, what was there not to like! Remakes are very seldom better than the original.... I'll preserve the memories and not watch the new series.... maybe I can find some of the old ones on the interweb! The really sad aspect of those days: we could not get proper access to British shows due to the Equity boycott
  12. TIB

    Who remembers?

    Gee whizz, that was my Dad's James Bond Rodger Moore mine... Exactly how old are you.....
  13. TIB

    Who remembers?

    Hanging in Hawaii with a Ferrari - what could be cooler??
  14. I hate to break it to you guys... its just semantics There are no saddlebag alternatives... just hassles
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