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  1. My 2c worth .... I bought a R135K bike on the Hub , unsighted ...... BUT , after first making contact on the hub , shock and horror .... I PHONED THE SELLER !!! We had an actual conversation , did the negotiations on the phone , and agreed on the deal . I paid R70k deposit ( I am at risk for R70k .... he then sent the bike , DBN to JHB ( he was at risk for R65k ... ) . Verbal confirmation from BOTH parties as the deal progressed . He got his cash as discussed , and I got my dream ride , as promised . Messaging isn't always the best form of communication ....
  2. A fairly well organised race once we were on the route HOWEVER ......... Driving 1 - 2 km on a dirt (powder soft ) road to get to the parking is NOT ON ... Our bikes were disgustingly dirty , and yes , I am pedantic about my bike . Should the same venue be used again , I for one will not attend .
  3. I hope Marc Pritzen wins Elite mens . And I hope Brandon Downes does well ( he coaches my laaitie ).
  4. Popit


    Let us know which channel has the UAE tour on it please . GCN+ live coverage from 12.45pm today .
  5. Great one DSTV .... Showing re-runs of 2020 F1 E-sports .... but no LIVE Cycling !!
  6. And one of the last races for Super Tuck and aero forearms on the bars ...
  7. I would really like to hear your side of the story , but I am not phoning you . If you feel you are in the right , post your side here .
  8. Nice post Nick , But from the facts posted by the OP , he needs to be refunded , and forthwith . Maybe Morne will redeem himself by refunding in full , and paying postage .
  9. Sounds like he is a real BOX . Should have made amends immediately . Full refund at least ....
  10. Video seems Pure Savage to me !!
  11. Jackes , You buy a Woolies voucher at full price , and the 12% (max) goes back into your Multiply rewards account .
  12. Ya ChrisF I agree . BUT , I have bought in to the Multiply story , and like LWB take full advantage of the discounts and benefits . I currently get 60% discount on life premiums , R 1300.00 per month paid into my Medical savings account as well as all the discounts via Garmin , Cycle Lab , Mango etc . I also try jump through all the hoops as early as possible , and this year only need to go to TWT still . If you commit ,and work the system , it benefits big time . My 2c worth .
  13. I am quite happy to see Aru on the team . Hopefully he can find some of his old form . The feeling I get is that this team is kind of going back to it's roots , and I hope as a result they get some good race results next year .
  14. RIP and condolences to friends and family . Lets hope the correct arrest procedures were followed and a prosecution will result . It is not going to bring the rider back , but may deter 1 idiot out there from doing the same .
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