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  1. I have somehow developed a 6th sense for scammers...when they give me a call and I mention money cleared to avoid scammers, they drop that call and block me immediately.
  2. Now this is an unusual end to the story, it reminds me of the olden Chinese movies we used to watch at school on a bi-skop, just when the starring was about to attack the enemy's base then the they'll tell us that the tape has snapped and its game over. I hope all is fine with the author off the thread, just an aprupt ending though.
  3. This is with consistent training of 5 days a week. I do have asthma though, not sure if it has an effect on my Vo2max reading.
  4. While on this VO2max topic, I train 3 weeks hard and 1 week recovery (zone 1-2 rides). My VO2max on the Garmin edge always drops by 3-6 on the recovery week...is this only happening to myself or it's normal?
  5. I am camping here waiting for part 4...
  6. Every Hubber has some horror stories about LBS. I went to Solomons Cycles about 2 weeks ago to buy some few items, on my way out I had a quick chat with one of the staff members regarding the type of tyres I will need for my bike. The shop manager realized that I had already bought my items so she decided to call the guy to assist another customer in the shop, this was while the staff member was still talking to me inside their shop. I was really appalled by this behavior especially since she was not busy with any customer herself she could have easily attended to that customer. So I am sure that there will always be bad service from every shop.
  7. Job

    Jock 2020

    Sent several email and no response. I am going ahead anyway, they will have to remove me from the race because I will ride with my proof of 2020 payment and emails I've sent as my race number.
  8. My hands have a tendency of cramping with no apparent reason, which then becomes worse when I am riding a bike which is dialed in professionally. I try and change the hands position often during my rides to reduce numbness. That might be the option if all else has been tried.
  9. My first 4iiii packed up after a year and half, the supplier gave me a new one, been running now for close to 2 years now with no issues.
  10. Is there an online streaming for the SA Champs?
  11. Job


    Lloyd Harris is taking the baton from Kevin Anderson... flying the SA flag high.
  12. 100% agree that MTBs beats gravel bikes hands down on comfort but I opted for the gravel bike to avoid being asked by the sweep vehicle if I am okay or I would prefer a lift to the finish line because I am the number 1 from the back.
  13. Just bought this bike yesterday for the up coming Cullinan2Tonteldoos ultra race. Love the aggression but I broke the seatpost clamp as I was adjusting the seat height - I think it is a 4nm and I had to replace it with my spare 8nm clamp. Other than that I am happy with the bike, I expect to gain 4-5km/h when comparing it to my MTBs.
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