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  1. I'm getting myself some of those Titanium Bolts. Should make all the difference!
  2. The Ultimate is a beautiful bike! Well done to the guys at Titan!
  3. It's from Bidon Magalies Gravel 93km (1).gpx
  4. Do we have the stats yet on how many riders were killed by e-bikes at this years Cycle Tour?
  5. Oh no! I just cannot believe that they did this!
  6. Thanks, this is a good idea. And they don't call it the Woesrand for nothing!
  7. I'm not old. I have no underlying conditions. I am not lazy. My eyesight is 100%. I am fit. My wife hasn't left me. Yet. I ride ebikes because I love the speed!
  8. Joris Ryf. His speed wasn't as impressive as the way he handled that bike! That man's got some serious skills.
  9. Huh? Where did I say I don't like ebikes or that it's a fad? I have two ebikes. I have 2 Amish bikes. I ride them all. I race them all.
  10. I am all for ebikes and I love riding mine, but if you want to chip your ebike, you should not race with it. Ride your chipped ebike with your chommies and enjoy it, but when you enter a race, you race with a legal ebike.
  11. The elite men’s and women’s races in the event are invite only affairs, but E-Bikers can pit themselves against one another and the thrilling 2.5-kilometre urban course at the songo.info Champions Race, presented by fibertime, for the first time in 2024. Entries are open to the general public and can be purchased through Quicket, for a R350 donation, here. The E-Bike race will follow the same 20 minutes plus 1 lap format of the elite men’s and women’s competitions. Nice!!
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