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  1. The face just before you almost go OTB at the ruins at Taroko MTB park...
  2. Me thinks the designers are roomies.... Spaz; Titan Racing... same same
  3. Do the 45km and go flat out , it will give you an indication of how fit/strong you are going forward.
  4. So let's have a few pics of your new supermodel!
  5. They should be kicked off their bikes during the race by the paying riders. I doubt if they will pirate again after being kicked off 6 or 7 times.
  6. Best value for money kit is the free stuff you get from corporate entries into races!
  7. Speak to Kevin at East Coast Cycles, they do rides almost every morning. Also have a look at Kouga Cyclepaths-Jeffreys Bay on FB - great bunch of people doing rides through the holidays. Enjoy!
  8. We did the Adventure, and yes, saying the mud were treacherous is a under statement!. Just robbing you of power with every single peddle stroke. We did the Umko, but going down it was very slow due to the slippery conditions. We targeted a time of between 5:30 and 6:00 for day 2 - according to our times on previous Sanis - but ended up with 8:18! It was crazy! And scary. I could hear they money leaving my wallet with every crunchy peddle stroke!
  9. Also, I take these Vac Bags every year. One for each days kit, and two for leisure wear. After a stage, put your dirty, smelly kit back in the bag and seal it. It's also great for keeping your clean kit nice and dry.
  10. I lost my sunglasses this morning during the Magalies Adventure. Please let me know if someone found them
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