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  1. Have ordered from him twice and also received great service every time. Definitely highly recommended.
  2. Maybe it's just me, but I love the look of the Abus Gamechanger, R 3700 at CycleLab or on Takelot.
  3. I have really liked the 3 Garmin FR35's we have had, but unfortunately none of them lasted much more than a year and a half or so before the processors just quit and they couldn't be repaired. I would suggest going for one of the newer versions as some suggested.
  4. Received my order of courage, plus some extras from Lyne
  5. A VW Amarok with a cool paintjob and moerse pricetag
  6. Got myself a Kickr Core plus these hugely comfortable Spez baggies that fit my current Humpty Dumpty frame plus a Butcher and Eliminator, love the skinwalls. Waiting on a few more goodies to come during the week.
  7. It's been a pretty good week so far, pedals, dropper and shoes
  8. My question exactly. Weight, favorite trail and riding style are good starting points on doing setup. Your weight will determine a starting point for air pressure, while your favorite trail and riding style will determine whether to add or potentially remove air from that starting point before you start playing with the fork and shock's rebound settings, plus the Brain Fade comes into play as well. No shop or person will be able to just tune the setup for you, there's lots of fiddling involved which you will need to do over time while riding with a shock pump at hand. What is your goal with setting up your bike, and how does it currently feel to you? Is it too harsh, or does it buttom-out? Have you played around with any of the settings yet?
  9. Yowser, makes my wife's off last year look really minor. Glad she is ready to start riding again.
  10. There's a medium listed for R35k https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/450611/scott-spark-940
  11. So after washing my helmet the other day and seeing how faded and k@k it's looking ( I really hate matt black, and that was all that was available at that time) I got the idea to give it some colour. I already had the cans of paint which I bought to paint my bike's mudguard and bottle cage which I gave in with my bike to the painter as colour samples. Before After While the finish isn't terrible, I'm very glad that I gave my bike to a professional to paint, as I doubt that I would have gotten the logos perfect.
  12. All the best with your project, hope you have a lot of fun doing it and that you are happy with the result! I was strongly considering a DIY makeover on my Camber over the Christmas period, but wasn't that keen on doing that much work while praying for a proper finish and have instead dropped it off at Cycle Delic last week.
  13. I was just as surprised by Canyon's pricing, as I calculated pricing when the Aeroad was launched recently and it was quite similar to what something like the new Tarmac costs. I couldn't find any mention of it, but I wonder if they haven't already calculated the full price payable and are displaying that, as their pricing as noted above is WAY higher than I expected otherwise. A 105 specced bike for R 67k costs the same as an Argon18 E-117 disc running Ultegra, while R211k for the top end bike is similar to what an S-Works Shiv Disc goes for which would make sense. Really love the look of them though, especially in CF SLX spec.
  14. I attended a skills course this weekend at a rough, rocky trail, and I can honestly say that the slacker geo and extra 20mm of travel I had compared to the mostly XC bikes in attendance made me a lot faster, while also safer, and they didn't simply ride away from me on the hills either. I was lucky enough in 2016 when I was ready to upgrade from my R6k cheapy to a better bike to demo an XC (Epic), short-travel trail (Camber) and trail bike (Stumpy) on the same trail and on the same day. Based on that I purchased an alloy Camber which I still ride and love. I believe that if more people attended these kinda days (Spez does Test The Best and Trek does something similar) a lot more people would be on short-travel trail bikes having experienced their calm, composed nature, and all the confidence that they inspire. I wonder however, if the problem doesn't sit partially with us buyers. When we walk into a shop, do we express our needs and desires properly, or are we lead by the salesman, and what he wants to sell? I rather doubt that if we walk into shop and explain we want something slack, capable and comfortable, that the salesman will insist on selling us an XC machine, or are we telling them we want something light and fast? Or perhaps we don't actually know what we want. As to the new Stumpy, I have to admit to being a little conflicted between an Epic Evo and Stumpy if something happened and I had to replace my beloved Camber. On rough trails it's an absolute no brainer win for the Stumpy, on smooth singletrack however an Epic Evo does the job with less effort, albeit not as smoothly.
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