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  1. Man do I hate this weather......have do another 4.5hrs today.....guess its yet another marathon on the IDT and I broke a spoke riding the IDT last night...maybe that means that I am getting stronger..
  2. hmmmm but then at least you will be well rested for the race?
  3. haha ja sure maybe just bit going up Smitswinkel hahaha will sure do, seems like the people on this thread want to ride their bikes
  4. Wannabe, was good to meet you and thanks for the lekke easy ride....got a bit slow later on sorry about that...we came back over Ou Kaaps...not nice... And then yesterday I spent 5hrs on the bike....must be crazy..lol
  5. @Dale @ FRAIL Thanks for the heads up....will take note of that Seems to be way more training rides on this side....hope to join you all soon.... last day of long rides today, back to work tomorrow mind is fighting the work thing, body and legs is saying, I need to rest..
  6. Howzit guys, finally I seem t have found people that know the Durbanville area for some stunning road rides... Just a question....the Philadelphia road running down from Klipheuwel...is that ok to ride or not? I am getting back on the road and training after a very long time off the bike and will check in soon wiht you guys for a ride....if thats ok
  7. Hello ALL, well lafter being away from the hub and bike for a few years.....I am back I've moved to Durbanville area recently and was wondering what are good (flatish) routes to ride in the area? need to be doing 3hrs plus rides......need to drop the weight and get the miles going..... they need to safe to be able to ride alone also? Did a lekke ride on Saturday heading out towards Klipheuwel and then towards Malmesbury turned right towards Perdeberg Wines ( Wellington sign on road) then right again on R44 ( towards Stellenbosch) and right again on the road that goes to Fisantekraal..... about 78km..... anyone riding the Phillidelphia road that goes from Klipheuwel towards the N7? is that safe? see there is no shoulder? was thinking of going that way around and then crossing over past the WestCoast Ostrich Ranch then back on N7 and up Vissershok....need to test that 26 on the back see there are alot of road works in the area..... ok well thank you and hopefully see plenty of you out there on the road soon
  8. This is real k**** we try to ride there every second or third week after work....and now we have to start brining guns or what?? why cant ppl just leave us alone to suffer on our own...now they wanna take our bikes also....dont they know that its hard work?? IDIOTS...grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Samma it was great to see you again....... Ian, it was an ABSOLUTE HONOUR TO SUPPORT YOU GUYS!!!!!! YOU SHOWED AN EMINSE AMOUNT OF FIGHTING SPIRIT!!!! THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!! To the Guys and Girls form BOSS and General Airways...a bieeeeeeeeeg WELL DONE and CONGRATS !!!!!! BOTH RACED HARD...and the stronger team on the day took the win!!!! however..... BE AFRAID ....... and damm that beer was GUUD...been lus for that beer ever since the start of stage 1...
  10. I've also heard that this has been passed by UCi, actually some time ago already...... weird......
  11. My list ANYTHING and EVERYTHING by U2 (LUUUUV Their music) Stevie Ray Vaughn...... Lenny and MOST of his other music also (R.I.P) Dan Patlansky....... also doing Lenny...but I truly enjoy ALL HIS STUFF B.B King..... Most of his stuff is GREAT !!! The Thrill is gone !!! Katie Melua....... LOVE HER WORK!!!! Diana Krall...... GREAT MUSIC Norah Jones.... ALSO GREAT Albert Frost....CatFish just to name a few
  12. I are also to be going there..... IanJ speaks to I old toothless one....... I kind off like wants to know what is and whats arent..... Flanx
  13. I've been to groenkloof a few times now......AND I ABSOLUTELY LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUVE THE PLACE!!!!!!! Well done to everyone involved with the upkeep of Groenkloof!!!! GO RIDE THERE WET OR DRY
  14. Great Pic....Thanx for asking my Tandem PArtner on the UPHILL to take this AMAZING PIC!!!! Thanx for a GREAT RIDE to EVERYONE INVOLVED....... THE BEER at the Finn was THE BEST!!!! Thanx........ only thing is...... MY ASS IS STILL HURTING....
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