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  1. Did you turn the knob under the lock-in lever, it will move the roller closer or further from the tyre. Perhaps it needs to move away from the tyre to accommodate the 29er wheel. For the road bike setup i have, once the bicycle is locked in, i had to turn the knob to move the roller closer to the tyre. Then lock it in by pushing down the lever.
  2. Seems like i will be hanging on to it for the foreseeable future. No worries then.
  3. Only if they are on discount
  4. CWC, i bought the last TacX flow smart in your Willowbridge store on 23 March, however i would like a direct drive trainer (Tacx Flux S). Hope there will be available on this sale AND how do i return the one i bought (what if it falls out of the 30day exchange window due to lockdown)?
  5. Maybe its me, but i have never had more road flats than until i started running the tubolitos. Had one complete tube failure when lightly inflating an already punctured tube to try find said puncture at below the recommended out of tyre pressure, the tube deformed close to valve rendering it completely useless. Moved back to normal tubes. No drama since.
  6. The Wimpy deals are not valid for takeaways anymore - so says Tygervalley at least. Can anyone else confirm? A bit of a joke really. Edit: Momentum replied to me to say that the beverages may be taken as a take-away. Seems not everyone received the memo though.
  7. Somewhere in an office in Momentum the following conversation happened: Boss: So we are launching a new product, Multiply, that is going to work with an app. IT: Great but the app isn't ready. B: No problem. People will love it anyway. Also, by the way, we are also launching Multiply Money, a product integral to the Multiply offering. IT: Should we integrate it with the new Multiply App? B: Well, of course not, create another App called Multiply Money, people will love it. IT: Sure. Right away. When is it launching. B: We already launched it. But wait, we also just lost Takealot, lets increase our benefits to now include coffee vouchers based on active days being reached. IT: Nice, from where? B: Why, the first name that comes up when you mention great coffee of course, Wimpy. People will love it. IT: Oh, how do people access these benefits. Should we integrate it with one of our two apps already running? B: Of course not, lets only let them access it from the website. People will love it. IT: People are now using their benefits, what should we do? B: Well wipe all the links to the only mechanisms that allow you to accrue the benefits, linked devices, and call it an upgrade. People love upgrades. IT: Well, people are re-linking their devices, what now? B: Its so obvious, crash the site and tell people to try again later. They will love it. Good job everyone.
  8. Anyone use their Wimpy voucher today? When i eventually tried to use it, it seems to not be on the page anymore. Edit: ignore, seems to have been resolved
  9. Its a pity. The hoax price made more sense than the actual.
  10. Is there any reason why putting sealant into a light weight tube is not an option? Why must it be either tubeless with sealant or tubed without? I see that there are prefilled tube options (Slime) but they don't seem very main stream and are hardly ever mentioned. What would be the reason for this?
  11. My previous order with CRC. Paid delivery. Aramex fee - R57.50. 8 Nov - order placed 18 Nov - clearance invoice received 21 Nov - package delivered to my door
  12. My CRC & Skynet experience: 20 Nov - order placed 25 Nov - clearance invoice received 28 Nov - package delivered to my door Skynet fee for clearance - R230 I did not pay for delivery.
  13. Ag no Momentum. That's a massive FAIL. I wonder if Discovery flexed their muscles and/or Takealot decided they don't need Momentum anymore. Multiply's value proposition is steadily diminishing. Their VA gym benefits are already way below that of Discovery.
  14. I mailed Jo at PPA about CTCT MTB 2020. The reply was that it is scheduled for April and they are busy confirming the venue and final date. Update: event scheduled for Feb
  15. Same here. VdV was a terrible venue. Good call PPA!
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