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  1. Perfect profile pic for this statement !
  2. No need to be sorry, I am somewhat of a ghetto rider that usually has no more of a budget than what a can of soda goes for. If I may ask though, why do you suggest against it ?
  3. I did this with a 30.9 dropper on a 31.6 frame, rode it like that for over a year and worked like a dream
  4. What fork is that, and where'd you get it?
  5. Beautiful bike, but aren't the NX cassettes 11 to 50 t ? https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/492377/evil-insurgent-l-2018
  6. You are indeed correct: "Lyne JB01 hubs are made by Chosen and are lightweight, serviceable and reliable." Source:
  7. kk6gan

    Body Armour

    In my opinion, if you always taking hits to the knees, protect them as well as you can. You only get one set and, in my experience, they are costly to repair and are not usually the same after. However, in saying that, I ride with soft shells.....really only you can decide if the added weight and possible discomfort of hard shells is worth it. If I had the cash, I would definitely get one of those POC spine protectors though. I know, not a very helpful response **edited spelling
  8. kk6gan

    Body Armour

    I think you pretty much answered your own question in your post: "Now here's the thing. I'm religious about wearing something on my knees, because it's the one part of my body that always seems to take a knock or scrape when I go down" if you always falling on your knees, it makes sense to make sure they're well protected.
  9. Axle to crown on a 29er rigid fork is more around the 470mm mark
  10. This must be some new tech, 100mm travel on a rigid fork https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/mountain-bike-forks/16934/carbon-29er-rigid-fork-9mm-qr-ud-matt-a
  11. There's not too much you can do to a DH bike to get it to pedal better. The geometry is just not made for it. However, in saying that, I rode Jonkers with a guy who was on a Giant Glory. He changed the groupset to 10 speed with a wide range cassette, added a dropper post, and then kept up with us to the top of Red Phoenix. He was HELLA fit though. I definitely wouldn't have made it up there on his bike. So it is possible....depending on the rider and how much you are willing to suffer for it.
  12. 2014 Thread revival. I just moved to Fish Hoek and need to get a spoke replaced. Is Caledonian a good place for this? I would normally go to Stoke but the drive for just a spoke seems a bit far. Otherwise, any suggestions of a good shop in close-ish proximity?
  13. The 170mm fork is also listed separately for R9k. So you can buy the full bike with a rigid fork for R9k, buy the 170mm fork for another R9k and get it all for R18k instead of buying the bike with only the 170mm fork for R18.5k. Makes good sense....
  14. What confuses me, is if you look at the second pic, the fork is fitted correctly
  15. A quick Google search says helium particles are a fair amount smaller than oxygen particles and this will lead to it seeping through the tyre walls
  16. These look great in my opinion. I never had issues clipping the bottle back in but I have had multiple instances of reaching down to find the bottle was MIA. Not cool when you have to climb out of a gorge to get to the closest water supply
  17. Good on you, love seeing stuff like this! I hope your bike lands with a deserving rider
  18. Think it might be broken as it was posted in 2013
  19. I see this post is from 2019, but daaaamn that looks good! Those purple hope brakes really set it off !
  20. This the one you looking for ? https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/152006-the-salvage-thread/?fromsearch=1
  21. I think having the collect / return option available is good for certain clients but I tend to agree with the above. I want to see the workshop before I drop my bike. Been to a couple of stores where after seeing the state of workshop I would never send my bike there. I also want to see if it looks secure as I am leaving something very expensive (at least expensive to me) and I need to know it will be safe.
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