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  1. lol - on this platform? Perish the thought!
  2. 1953 called and is asking for its namby pamby communications back
  3. there's another hub website where you can find lots of gisting
  4. the only thing sadder than this comment is the fact that I understood it
  5. Agreed. Its a slippery slope to full blown psychopathy. He probably goes to coffee shops without a phone or laptop.
  6. i think this will wreck your bike if you take long trips - think of all the stones and road debris that gets kicked up from other cars. Also, I'm not sure that tow-bar mounted bike racks are designed to take the sort of force that head-on wind resistance will impose - this is not a good idea for anything other than a campervan where the whole vehicle is a wind block
  7. so I couldn't resist (damn you for that, BTW) and also had a wee stalk. Seems ol' Throttles seems to like himself a tasty discount, and won't be denied!! I guess when you get so fixated on extracting every last drop of benefit you get truly hysterical and outraged by a perceived lost saving, no matter how relatively insignificant? Hopefully this has been a teaching moment, and a good outcome for the Castelli guys. Win-win?
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