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  1. Hope the side effects of the chemo are worth it in the long run mnr! Keep fighting the good fight - we're all rooting for you!
  2. Thanks for sharing.. seems like everything else on their site other than the specials is sold out....
  3. I have no doubt that if the roles were reversed, you would do the exact same for her! I'm praying that you guys have many more years in with good health & happiness
  4. Exactly this^ It's meant to mimic cross country skiing - just did my first 2000m and I got destroyed 🥴
  5. Don't give in.... try remain positive Cois! I'm praying that the 2nd opinion will bring some positive and optimistic solutions
  6. So after spending all of lock down on the indoor trainer and racking up almost 8500Km, I finally decided that it was time to mix things up a bit... plus it's something that the Mrs can also use 😁 Introducing Shrek: Concept 2 SkiErg
  7. I do... Lost a mate to COVID this week who was using these details so will gladly share the details with Cois. @CoisDM incoming 😃
  8. You're in my thoughts and prayers Cois! Don't give up the good fight!!
  9. I'd suggest rinsing your bottles and storing them in the deep freeze until used. Been doing this for ages with my bottles and Camelback
  10. I saw this is for sale in the classifieds if anyone is looking: https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/indoor-trainers-and-accessories/474180/garmin-usb-2-ant-stickdongle
  11. You’re in my thoughts.. hope you feel better ASAP! you’ve got this!
  12. @Dexter-morganhave you tried using a different ANT+ dongle?
  13. @Cois How you holding up? So awesome to see you clocking up the miles on Zwift!
  14. Worth trying a Shockwiz... if you can find someone willing to rent it out. If I was based in the end of the world, I'd gladly lend you mine
  15. I can't really speak about firmware upgrades as my units hasn't need one in ages but regarding spindowns, this is my advice: - Make sure that no other apps are open other than the Wahoo App on your phone- this includes closing training apps (on phone/pc/tablet etc) that could be communicating with your trainer. - Try disconnect any other Bluetooth devices which your phone is connected to. - Open the Wahoo App (make sure it's the latest version), select your trainer and then try perform a spindown. If this fails, call Sean at Ikhambi (087 654 1940)
  16. Here's an option: https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/indoor-trainers-and-accessories/437892/tacx-29er-trainer-wheel
  17. Hey, See my post above yours - I'd deff get an extension and position the dongle near the LED's....
  18. Hi guys, Not sure if this has been reported but I've noticed that when I get e-mail notifications about topics that I follow, if I click on the link "Go to this post" - it no longer takes me to the post but rather to this page:
  19. If you're ever feeling energetic on a Sunday - let me know and I'll gladly attempt one of these with you. Ven Top kicked my butt during the TOW but it's done! I have no desire to ride it again - for me it's like Suikerbosrand.. been there, done that, hated every minute.
  20. So awesome to see you racking up the miles mnr! I'd suggest signing up to zwifthub.com - you'll be able to track all your badges here - it's a bit of a manual process but it makes tracking all your Zwift achievements much easier.
  21. same here.... If you're ever keen to hit up one of those big ones, let me know
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