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  1. Had an awesome chat last time, since he is the moderator of the BMW G450X thread over on Wild Dog. Didn't realise he is a cyclist as well, pretty cool - lover of all things with two wheels.
  2. Thanks for sharing, clearly ear plugs is more important than I thought. I am off tomorrow, so will drive through to Flying Brick to get myself a pair especially since I am still in my young days, so rather safe than sorry to keep my hearing good when I get older.
  3. Fantastic to hear, congrats on your purchase! I must also get myself a pair soon. Oh, Hairy I found your adventure bike to add to your arsenal, it is also a Harley:
  4. Friend bought his at Flying Brick, we love supporting Chris and his team where we can. Also a fellow G450X enthusiastic, gave me some valuable information around the bike a few weeks ago. Cool chap! He struggled with heavy wind noise with his ADV helmet on his F800 but after fitting those new earplugs, he was sorted. Sure you won't be dissappointed.
  5. Studying and doing a full-time job is not for the faint-hearted. It is really a challenge but not impossible. I totally agree with the comment that certain people explain better - that's a fact, I can relate with my Java lecturer on Uni, I actually bought a separate Java course to cover the work.
  6. I really love these retro café racer bikes:
  7. Go for it dude! Great to see your excitement and inspires me to get out there and ride, as well as working on my skills to become a better rider. We also took advantage of this beautiful warmer afternoon and went for a Spes Bona - Malans Hoogte - Contermanskloof - Tiekie loop back home. Keep on enjoying that Harley of yours.
  8. Beautiful machine! ❤️
  9. Brilliant guys, thank you for the replies. Will see if I can make a plan with removing the old cable. Hopefully it is not too tricky.
  10. It seems that my weekend riding is cut short (no pun intended) 🥴
  11. https://developer.apple.com/learn/curriculum/
  12. Not full blown courses but something to have a look at and take it from there.
  13. @Scalpel those HP2s are beautiful machines! Must sound amazing with that Akrapovic pipe. One day when I am big and can probably ride a motorbike.
  14. She's back! Missed that adrenaline rush after a ride.
  15. Seems that things turned out for the better (really thankful for this). The bit of play on the crankshaft/flywheel is apparently normal according to the manual of the bike - 0.30mm to 0.50mm tolerance allowed. We did ask for an opinion at BMW Stellenbosch, so the alternator also has a small bearing that counters for it. We should just monitor it but for time being, the bike must be ridden and enjoyed! New stator was fitted and indeed working as confirmed today with my friend's voltmeter - the alternator is finally charging the battery! The next challenge is to get a new bike stand since it broke off. I know of Rockfox that specialises in stuff like this, will make a stop at them to ask if they can assist. Now to get my confidence levels back.
  16. Beautiful sound! *Headphones recommended
  17. Probably posted already but I am busy with Peaky Blinders. Currently on the last season, wow it is good.
  18. Not unique to just only BikeHub, I am pretty sure it happens on other classified forums as well. On our forum for tech components, when bargains appear, resellers are quickly on it. We do have a rule however, if we detect a pattern of reselling, you need to buy a monthly/yearly reseller subscription otherwise you will be kicked from the forum. What I have notice is, the users who don't want to buy a subscription, they simply go over to Scamtree or FB Market to resell.
  19. Yeah, fingers crossed @Steven Knoetze (sk27) hopefully it is only bearings that need replacing. But like you said, worse cast scenario for a rebuild, at least you know then that you have a 'new' bike to ride with.
  20. 100% correct. I had a deep discussion with my biker friend - he said you don't buy a bike for business to make money on it later on, you buy it with your heart and I love the bike, so would love to fix it to get it going again. R15k is pretty decent considering BMW Stellenbosch quoted another G450X R20k for an engine rebuild back in 2019.
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