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  1. Playing in the sand - quite a experience.
  2. Very interesting, would have never guessed. I totally agree with you on that point. I mean there isn't options available in that cc size which is a pity since I feel that is the sweet spot for power and weight. Why don't they make models in 650cc range anymore? Would love to know because I think there is a big gap in the market. Or is everyone honestly seeking only horsepower over everything else? The Husky 701 is a beautiful bike but quite pricey. 2023 XR600R would be rad! Bulletproof bikes those, tipiese plaasbike. Even second hand they are sought after and still keep their value good.
  3. Very true, every second bike you see here on the road is a GS but I think it is for good reason - it is just fantastic bikes and they clearly have the market. I have seen a few riders stating that they tried other alternative options but they keep coming back to the GS. Since there is a lot on the road, parts should also not be a problem at all.
  4. Correct, new noob rider learning the ropes slowly but surely. Started with a BMW G450X but sadly I had problems with it, after getting it fix at BMW I'll decided to sell it to get something better suited for longer miles and service intervals. Got a bargain on a BMW G650X through a friend and been happy ever since. I probably have 2000km behind my name, so still a fresh spawn in the motorcycling world but I am loving it. My poor bakkie is just being used for bad weather and a weekly shopping run, otherwise I always choose the bike. I think a basic off-road course would be a great idea, anyone you could perhaps recommend here in the Northern Suburbs, Cape Town?
  5. Daai girl mag maar ry. Saw a few videos of her already, mind blowing - the way she handles that bike is incredible! So basically what you are saying I must stop with my excuses haha. When I have my full bike license I wouldn't mind test riding one.
  6. I really love the bigger GS bikes, sadly I don't think I'll be able to manage it with my 60kg body. That being said, the Urban GS is also not a light bike but much lower, so should be easier to handle. The GS would be miles ahead in comfort and for long traveling.
  7. BMW R nineT Urban G/S My dream bike confirmed.
  8. Spes Bona Loop ๐Ÿพ
  9. Beautiful KLR with lekker aggressive looking tyres @Spokey
  10. Excellent choice @BSG! Please post some pics when you get her. Happy, safe miles! ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. ๐Ÿ“West Coast National Park
  12. Was looking for some dirt roads around Yzerfontein, saw this path going up to the radio tower. Beautiful view at the top.
  13. No skelm purchasing this time haha. I think it is the wind that changed the form of the bag, was a bit windy as well on Klipheuwel going through all the way to Malmesbury.
  14. Your eyes are not deceiving you - my friend said the same thing to me the other day we went for a ride. All I can think of is that I need to readjust the rear shock since it was set up according to the previous owner who was heavier than me. The rear shock is not OEM, it was built by a guy in Cape Town, so maybe I should visit him to tune it according to my weight and height.
  15. Durbanville to Yzerfontein for the weekend. Left just after 07:00 this morning, was misty and cold when I past Darling.
  16. @sawystertrance get in touch with Pete and ask for his assitance, I am sure he will be more than willing to help you out. And as you can see already, his pricing offers great value for money compared to the rest. I cannot fully comment on speed wobbles but I did any expierence any on my loaded bike, same can be said for my friend who was more heavy loaded than me. Personally, I think that comes down to the tyres that you are running on the bike. I am currently running Metzeler dual sports on mine while my friend has the MITAS E-07. I got a pair of new Michelin Desert with the bike as well but the previous owner warned me that they get finicky when you hit 80kph on the tar. Also, don't be afraid to seek advice on the Wilddog Forum, awesome community - I am also learning my way on the bike since this is a complete new experience for me.
  17. It is a tricky one, I am also getting used to the whole idea but I am very impressed with the little Nomad Bag! I will be using it again when I am going to my parents in Yzerfontein for the weekend. Straps play a role, my friend swears with ROK straps but that wasn't in my budget at the moment: https://flyingbrick.co.za/product/rok-adjustable-straps/ I went to my local Spiro's and settled with the R90 pair of ratchet straps which worked for me greatly so far. Another bag option is maybe this one: https://flyingbrick.co.za/product/duffel-bag-40l-little-karoo-v2/ My friend got it for his BMW 800 and offers a lot of space. He then uses his top box for food storage. On our previous trip, I only used the 26L Nomad bag which I used strictly for clothing, toiletries. I made sure to only pack the stuff I will require later when arriving in the camp place and since we stopped at shops, I did not want to leave any valuables in that bag. So tools and valuables I split between my tank bag and backpack, in your case, I would keep the tools (if not too bulky) in my tank bag and my camera kit in my backpack, along with chargers and accessories. Returning to packing, it is an art form and my first attempt also needed rethinking and going back to the drawing board. Also, I think packing lightly is keen as well - something I quickly realised.
  18. I am hooked. Voice overs might be a bit annoying for some but I found it better than Money Heist.
  19. First Maiden Ride on the G650X, good long weekend behind the back.
  20. That's actually a good question since there is pressure on the foam when hanging of course. Not sure if this is really a problem in the long run. EDIT: Correction, the foam at back doesn't deform, it is only the soft sleeve that deforms which is totally fine.
  21. Yeah, 3D printed - my friend owns one. Works like a bomb.
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