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  1. I've only had good experiences with evo-bikes. I've ordered from them 4 times over the last three years and my order has always be processed and arrived in a reasonable time. I called about the most recent one to check and got a nice friendly reply and update. I do understand the pandemic has been a nightmare. My LBS really struggles to get stuff. I can't fine GP5000 28mm Tubeless tyres anywhere.
  2. Awesome - thank you so much for sharing the feedback and your long term review with photos ????. What sealant are you using btw?
  3. WP Cycling ... the same guys who forgot about our whole start group last weekend at the Worcester event, only to first try deny/then cancel/then scramble a support car (that got lost took us on a few u-turns) to kick-off the long open group on a shortened route ????. I understand its tough to organize these things, but I've always found the PPA related/fun rides more supportive of general riders ... CTCT is after all largely a fun ride for the majority of us. Its great to have multiple organizing bodies IMHO though - healthy competition with options to suit everyone.
  4. Hey overall, I was happy to just have an event that actually happened, kudos to them for not pulling the weather card ???? In terms of the event overall my ride was good, marshals indicated the major potholes by the time B-group came through ... only so much they can control.
  5. Its definitely way, way better than cotton! I have two specialized Merino base layers and they are my goto on a cold or wet ride. They feel very thin and light, but its simply awesome the way they repel water and never get really wet or smelly! If you are racing or doing an intense or wet ride - cotton is complete crap in comparison, it gets soaked through and wet either from sweat or rain. I haven't really used any other quick-dry base layer to compare to the merino - cotton sucks though. I used my merino base layer for the Winelands race this weekend and even though it rained for 2 hours and my jersey was soaked my core was warm, without a gilet or rainjacket as those make me very hot.
  6. Started in B batch after my friend convinced me to ditch my pre-selected breakfast bailout plans with 'its just some light drizzle' and 'we drove all the way already' ????‍♂️. Conditions varied from sopping wet to paddling upstream on my bike. Kudos to the guys in B-batch all round, sensible riding, working well in the paceline upfront ????. Throw in some familiar faces from my Tuesday ride group and it was actually super fun ????. Lost a water bottle (dead weight with all that rain ????‍♂️) ... but managed to hang onto my wheels through a few slippery corners. Got home in 2.41, fun morning out ... nice start to the 'spring' 2021 racing season ????
  7. I've been using GP5000s with Continental Revoseal for about 4 years and they served me well, I've managed 2 years with minimal issues. However I've had a few punctures over the last few months that didn't seal and I had to plug to get home ... the cost of replacing the Continentals after 3 months each time is a steep. They are brilliant tyres and I love the ride feel ... they also do really well with my wheel on indoor trainer, which is a big plus - I'd blame the sealant vs the tyres, they were not very big cuts. I installed my first Goodyear Eagle F1 tubeless tyre on Tuesday with Orange Seal from Lano Sports (their delivery was super quick to CT - thanks guys ????). I did a 180km ride yesterday around CT and they handled pretty well - so initially looking good. Will see how it goes over the next few months including some IDT time - much cheaper at least ????. If I have issues I'll probably go back to the GP5000s - definitely the best tubeless tyre I've tried, grip, wet handling, IDT ... vs. Schwalbe, Specialized, Giant. PS: I haven't had issues fitting any of the road tubeless tyres at home with just a normal floor pump to my Giant or Scott tubeless carbon rims. The Goodyear was a bit easier than the Continental ... but both went on fine and inflated nicely.
  8. Thanks Andreas, I'm gonna give it a shot on my new tyres. Are you using the Endurance or the regular Orange Seal? How often do you top up the sealant?
  9. Why not join cycling club, there are a few in the Southern Suburbs - I belong to http://clubfreewheel.co.za rides normally depart from Kenilworth Bootleggers. They normally host open rides so you can join and meet people etc.
  10. ... do you know what time this happened and approximately where? I'm assuming close to Woodstock station as per the two previous incidents. We rode through this morning at around 5.30am and I'm planning a ride out tomorrow with a group of around 10 from Claremont to V&A and then peninsula.
  11. Crime in SA is bad, but thankfully not _THAT_ bad . If your looking at that kind of planning then rather look at a higher value target - tourist bus, etc, etc. I don't believe this will be an ongoing or escalating issue ...
  12. We debated it for a while, but it definitely helps in quite a few way - firstly its deterrent (physically), secondly medical kit, thirdly not having to stop in a dangerous area to fix something and then being able to get an injured rider(s) to hospital ASAP. We don't really want to have an armed security guard in the support car ... but hey, better than carrying a weapon on the bike . In terms of costs it's less than a coffee for our groups.
  13. The plan for our club based in the Southern Suburbs is to have a support car for our weekend rides when we go out via Ocean View/Slangkop going forward. Its only a 1 hour section (for now) and the safety feel is worth it. We currently start at 6am moving to 5.30 soon. We already have that for longer DC rides and it definitely increases the safety aspects - even with other cars. It's also nice to be able to have drinks, food, medical kit, some spares and stash your extra layers etc. It means a bit more planning and some costs - but in exchange we get to enjoy one of the most stunning routes in the world. Cape Point is another really awesome place to ride and 'safe' for now. Seems like the best option and I'm definitely planning to do a lot of outdoor riding this summer. With lockdown and everything else that happened, I'm not gonna give up this 'pleasure' so easily ...
  14. - awesome news, I was so looking forward to an event on the 'regular' routes again. Thank you so much guys! Where do we enter?
  15. Very sad to hear about the attack this morning Brendon, hope you heal up soon and manage to still make the DC . Sickening and frustrating for all cyclists - lets hope law enforcement does its work and there are repercussions for the culprits. I'm sure the Cape Town cycling community will lend you our support in any way we can - we cannot let these thugs destroy the sport we love in such a beautiful city.
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