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  1. Thanks for the heads-up - jumped right on that deal. Glad I didn't miss it...
  2. This might be the most balanced and well explained comment I've read on this here BikeHub.
  3. This post was less truthful than the original add...
  4. I don't contribute often, but like to follow different threads and understand peoples point of view and learn from them. Not only the the off topic ones though. I enjoyed your write up of your recent race tremendously and really admired your grid and determination for example. That being said, just not having to read through everything on the topics mentioned will reduce my time on here significantly. Although, to answer your question, BikeHub will actually not miss me when I'm gone - I can't even sell to Rouxtjie yet (although I've had many successful transactions on here). Ai, and here I am spending too much time on a non-cycling related thread...
  5. I enjoyed (and learned a lot from) the Corona thread with valuable (to me) contributions from some knowledgeable people, but as it falls squarely in the Current Affairs category I will miss it. Matt, my boss would like to thank you as I will be spending a lot less time here...
  6. I've used one. Works fine as a HDMI cable, but very stiff so very difficult to route neatly - cannot make 90 degree bends.
  7. Sorry misunderstood and replied to SIDI sizing...
  8. Maybe he couldn't find a lift...
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