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  1. Hi Guys. Anyone experienced this error: "Logged in but no rides to load" It says to check your connection, which was fine. Reinstalled zwift app twice, fixed the error, and then it came back. New to zwift so a bit confused here. Error only surfaced as of today.
  2. Tyre: Specialized Sworks Turbo Gripton 24mm Front: 7 Bar Rear: 6 Bar Weight: 76kg
  3. Hi all. Urgently looking for a group to join this weekend.
  4. Can't wait to see the < 70kg noodle cyclists hitting the brick wall in Westlake to Smits. Maybe a day for us beefy riders to shine!
  5. First question is probably why you need them? Most decent bike fitters would stock them. DIY solution: cut it out of a tupperware lid or anything similar. Which, I've also done and works well. Becomes complicated if you require adjustment from in to outside of the foot. Which means the thickness would have to increase/decrease from in/outside of the foot. My story: I've been fitted on an ergofit, which included all kinds of shims - shim/shoe inserts etc. Subsequently fitted on Specialized fit, and everything got chucked out, including Specialize's own internal shims. So doesn't seem to be an exact science.
  6. I ain't no Dr but experienced torn ligaments with same symptoms. The difference though is that I was in a lot of pain with loads of swelling. Had 2 ACL reconstructions (10yrs apart). Maybe your have hasn't torn anything. Collapsing knee doesn't too good.
  7. I'm a Colnago man. BUT that short chainstay always spoils the lines for me ..... on ANY bike
  8. Been dodging this thread for months. After Tour de PPA things quickly went downhill. Sore throat, fatigue, frog in the throat, falling asleep.. almost(at work), constant drowsiness. Welcome to flu bru!!! Hope to be well recovered for CTCT
  9. Too much happening in a confined space at the moment on that route. Had a close encounter this weekend with a myciti......... not so safe anymore. RIP brother/sister!
  10. Sorry to hear about your friends ordeal. I commute through there on a daily basis and have always found that section to be frequented by some dodgy looking characters. Sunday lunch time could also be particularly quiet around there and recon that one would be better off avoiding it.
  11. VERY hard to find in SA. There's a good chance that I have one in my spares box. Will check tonight. FYI: USE cycling products has a range of shims. Unfortunately not so easy to source from your LBS/Wholsesalers.
  12. Is ASG at the expo. Need new lining for my Zuma.
  13. Legs were only "available" up until the 50km mark. Decided to "convert" the rest of the route into a LSD training ride after being dropped by CAT 3....... and almost every bunch afterwards. Popped in at every waterpoint to "asses" the quality of services available. Stopped for any cyclist with a mechanical to offer my MBS (mobile breakdown service). (Provided the breakdown was close to some shade) Officially the toughest day on a bike.... by far. At least we alive to fight another day!
  14. Cat 3 = PPA seeding D to F, therefore makes sense to have the A-C group start ahead of CAT3. CAT 3 would fit nicely in between A-C & DE etc. Just my R2.99c
  15. Nice race. Started in K with club CTG (lots of E, F, Gs too) that swelled into a massive bate ball by the time we turned for the lost city of Atlantis. Thanks to the Outsriders setting the pace for the first half....... and most of the second half . (Before you guys get funny ideas.... we did a fair share of work) One guy collided heavily with one of those yellow PPA sign boards just before we took the turn back onto the N7. Hope he is OK... PPA please reconsider moving those boards off the road cause it's especially dangerous when going at high speed.
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