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  1. Geen probleme met myne. Seep glad
  2. Well done so much better than taking a harde gat attitude.
  3. And he is in a damn good team. Been a huge fan of the team since 2012 but yes he has hit the sweet spot
  4. Not cool. Glad you are ok. Take the advice from gummibear. It's just not safe riding alone anymore
  5. I had 2 Fujis. A road bike and mountain bike. Awesome bikes. Would buy a Fuji any day.
  6. WTF. Glad your daughter is ok Nothing new about cops ''losing'' dockets. I'm afraid that we have just about lost the fight against corruption and poor service in the SAPS. It is only getting worse
  7. Same here. I liked them but not a training tire. I have been riding Conti Grand Prix 4000 ii for about 18 months and would not try anything else
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