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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, I have always wondered if a large frame 27.5 would be similar to a medium frame 29er. basically, I fit a 29er medium frame perfectly but am looking to ungrade. All i can find are large frame 27.5s. Would this serve me the same or close to? (I am 173cm) Many Thanks
  2. Hello guys, I am looking at buying my first road bicycle. I have been riding Giant mountain bikes which I am happy with. I am looking at this Giant road bike: https://www.giant-bicycles.com/za/bikes-defy-advanced My height is 175cm and inseam 82cm. Looking on the Giant site I see the small is for 165cm - 175cm The medium is 171cm to 181cm Should I go for the small or the medium frame. Thanks for recommendations!
  3. Hi! I've had my XL 2018 Trance in the classifieds (in and out of BikeHub) for a good couple of months already with very few nibbles and zero bites, which has made me wonder: Am I the only one riding an XL bike? I can't have a poll on height as well as bike size, but I'd be interested to get an idea of what size bike people ride for their height? Are tall people opting for Large bikes instead of Extra Large ones for the sake of future sell-ability? Let me know!
  4. Hi All, This is my first post on BikeHub I've recently started doing stage races and rode the Sani2c, Berg & Bush 3 Day and just did a 4 day trip through Lesotho on some rough terrain. The time has come to upgrade my bike. I've been super happy with my Scott XL frame (Scott Scale 960 - 2014 - 120mm Default Stem) (height: 186cm, weight: 86 - 90 kg). I am in the range overlap between L & XL on the size charts of most manufacturers. I'm really happy with the Scott geometry but also open to some other options (only brands where spares and service are easily available in SA) I've been eyeing out the Scott Spark 940 2018 (XL) for a while now. I was hoping to get a deal on one at the changeover to 2019 models, but there were only really a lot of offers on mediums/smalls. I've also been looking at the Scott Spark 930 2018 (XL) https://bike-addict.co.za/products/scott-spark-930-2018https://bike-addict.co.za/products/scott-spark-940-2018https://bike-addict.co.za/products/scott-spark-930-2018 (with GX 1x12 / NX 1 x 12)https://bike-addict.co.za/products/scott-spark-940-2019 I've also had a look at the 2019 models, but R50k+ is quite steep Alternatively, I'm looking for the following: - Similar geometry to Scott Spark- At least 120mm Fork Travel- Good Rear Suspension (I like the Scott 3 way control as a bonus)- GX 1x12- Dropper Post- Decent wheels- New or Second Hand (2nd hand must be newer than 2 years old)- Great handling on trail, but also capable of long days out on the bike. What do you think of these bike options? Are their any others you'd recommend? If you own a Scott Spark and you are fairly tall, 185+ are you happy on a Large frame? My problem is that if I go XL I will likely not be able to take advantage of any price deals I am based in Cape Town (city bowl), are there any shops you'd recommend? (I service at Freewheel Cycology and I love them for that, bike is never been smoother, but a Spez is like 60k+ for same/similar componentry)
  5. Hi guys, I'm looking to upgrade to a new MTB, think it's about time to say goodbye to my old faithful 26er. I just need advice on the sizing of a 29er. I'm 1,89m, I currently ride a 21' XL frame. Somehow it feels like I can't get any good XL MTB deals within my budget, so I want to know if I find a good deal on a large MTB, should I take it, or rather stick to a XL frame. Thanks
  6. Hey guys I wish to purchase a road bike but I am not sure what size to get. I am 1.71m tall, and was told I would need a 52 but need to be sure to avoid any injuries. Please advise, any advice will be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hello So I've been doing indoor spinning for 5 months now,and I'd like to join the group who goes mountain biking over weekends for the real deal. First I need a proper bike,before going shopping for a bike,I'm trying to figure out what size I should be looking for. I'm 1.61m and my inseam is 72cm. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi there, Still searching for an upgrade and was wondering if you guys could help regarding size. I have ridden Trek both Medium and Large frames before. I called a local cycling shop and asked them about a Medium frame. They suggested I should be on a large as most my height are? I have done 2 online bike fits one more advanced one and one based on height and actual inseam. The one website said 17.5" bikes up to 19 at largest and the more advanced one gave me more measurements. Based on standover height, virtual top tube length and my height 1.79m if I went for a Trek or Giant I would be around a Medium (when looking at the bikes Geometry). 1.79 height Actual Inseam 79.8cm Arm 57.8 Lower leg 53.2 and thigh 58.2 My standover height should be between 75.9 and 77.45 and virtual top tube length 58.1 and 59.1cm. The bikes iv been looking at were the Trek Superfly 9.8, Giant Anthem 27.5 (older model) Older Stumpjumper but think I would like 27.5 better. Calling the shop just threw me off as I'm looking at getting a second hand bike from gumtree or here. Thanks for the advice! Sean
  9. All PYGA OneTen29 owners, please help. I am inbetween a L and XL frame. It might help me with my choice if you can indicate your length, inseam, saddle height (anything) versus your frame size and how you find it. I am busy sourcing a frame as I want to build my own bike. A dream that most MTB'kers should have. If you have any component suggestions that you found as a must have on this bike, please share. Please also share anything that you found to be a total "no-no" on the bike.
  10. I am taking the plunge and buying a rockshox reverb stealth for my Spez Camber. I know I must get the 380mm, as that is the same length as my current seat post (medium frame camber). My dilemma lies in the following: Do I get the 100mm or 125mm drop???? I am short, only 1.68m, and afraid the 125mm wont allow me to fully extend the seat post to suit my current seat height. Also, assuming it is 30.9mm for the Spez Camber? All feedback appreciated.
  11. I have a couple of bits lying around and was toying with the idea of putting it all together as a backup MTB. I usually ride Large frame bikes and some reckon I should actually be on a XL frame. Sometimes I do ride my wife's XS frame 26er but only for short distances. Now for my backup bike I see there are a few nice frames available but all are Medium sized. What are the pros and cons of a large frame rider on a medium frame bike?
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