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  1. We all have those lonely single socks lying around with an unmatched partner. Now they can come to good use! Looking to pair single socks to donate to the homeless. Based in Rondebosch, Cape Town. Can do collections too. Please please donate. Every sock makes a difference!
  2. I was feeling nervous about not knowing the Argus route, so I created this. Hopefully it's helpful to others who don't know the route. http://garyvdm.co.za/route.html?Argus The page shows a video of the route, created by stitching all the Google street view images along the route into one file. Next to, and below the video are a map, and an elevation chart. These both have markers on them to show you where along the route the video currently is. You will need a browser that supports the html 5 video element. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE 10+ etc. There are lots of features and improvements I would like to make to this, but they will have to wait until some time after the race. The cool thing is I will be able to easily create videos like this for other races in the future. Edit: full video now available.
  3. Ride for education at the Cape Town Cycle Tour with Bridges for Music, a team full of artists, promoters and other music faces you will surely know or have danced to. We have 10 entries left. All proceeds going to the new music and entrepreneurship school we are building in Langa. A new learning space to offer an alternative to the traditional schooling system, using music, art and filming as the tools to empower the kids in the community. The fee includes cycling wear, team dinner and some VERY special surprises and gifts from our sponsors. We will start organising training rides in December and more seriously in January. Lots of fun riders from overseas joining. Deadline November 25th for signing up ! Contact amie@bridgesformusic.org for more info! More info on Bridges for Music here Cape Town Cyle 2018 - Bridges for Music team.pdf
  4. Hi guys, I have a friend who is doing the Argus this Sunday on a mountain bike. Will it be beneficial to change the tyres to slicks? Thanks!
  5. Hi there, I am looking to buy a second hand bike that can do the Argus and some casual trails? Not sure if this is the right place? I haven't been on a bike for more than 10 years and I want to get back into it now. Would you recommend getting something second hand or is it better to buy brand new? Budget = <10k Thanks!
  6. So due to a certain series of events I'll be doing Argus this year on my MTB not my road bike. So a couple of questions... 1. How badly will my tyres get eaten? Racing Ralph Snakeskins. 2. What sort of tyre pressure should I run at? 3. What should be my earliest start group given that I'm on an MTB? (This is obviously as a courtesy to the hardcore roadies...) Edit: Anything else I should be wary of?
  7. The train departs on Thursday morning at 10:00 from Jo’burg for Cape Town with cyclists, family members, supporters and fans. Many people from all walks of life travel with us, including women and children. It is a very safe tour. Your bicycle travels with you on the train – FREE of CHARGE. You need to box your bicycle if so preferred. Passengers can join en route as well at places like Potchefstroom, Klerksdorp, Bloemhof, Warrenton and Kimberley. The train travels overnight to arrive in Cape Town the next day with ample time available on the Friday and Saturday to register for the race, ‘tune the bicycle’ and to do a last minute warm-up session. Included in the train tour package: Return train trip between Jo’burg & Cape Town on a Tourist Class train; meals and bedding on the train; three nights’ accommodation in a 4-star hotel in Cape Town VERY close to the race’s starting line; transportation of your bicycle on the train in the luggage van; safe storage of your bicycle in the hotel; tour leader traveling along; fun and relaxation; experienced Rail Tourism Operator. All YOUR travel needs as a cyclists (or supporter) are addressed. You only need to turn up, enjoy the race and relax. The train departs again on Monday morning at 10:00 from Cape Town allowing you ample time to enjoy the Sunday evening, after the race, at one of the many restaurants or V & A Waterfront or Tourist Spots in the Mother City. On the train: Dining car with tuck shop selling soft drinks, beer, sweets and chips; sleeping & shower facilities; toilets; bedding & meals; beautiful views from the train’s window; security and peace of mind. Accommodation on the train is either in a 4-bed compartment or 2-bed coupe. You book according to your needs. I.e.: It is suitable for families, friends or individuals. Tour price starting at R5500 pp. Click here for the full Information Document of the tour or contact JB Train Tours (Since 1975) at Tel: 011 913 2442 or E-mail: info@jbtours.co.za or visit their website at www.jbtours.co.za. Book NOW and experience a new and exciting way of getting to/from the race. NO long distance driving, NO accommodation needed en route; NO hassles with your bicycle transportation; NO other travel logistics challenges; Safe parking at Jo’burg station.
  8. The 14th annual train tour hosted by JB Train Tours to the Cape Town Cycle Race (previously called ‘Argus Cycle Race’) will take place from Thursday 3rd to Tuesday 8th March 2016. Click here to view the article
  9. Hey, I recently (almost accidentally) registered for the Cape Town Cycle Tour (Argus) and was a bit astonished when my entry was accepted. With this I find myself in the position of requiring a bicycle (which I do not currently have). My strongest consideration currently is the Lycan Orvin VX3 Alpha from Sportsmans Warehouse. This is for a few reasons. I did notice that whenever somebody on the "hub" inquired on any the purchase of a bicycle under some form of budget the overwhelming consensus seems to always be to be patient and buy the best second hand bike you can find (Giant, Silverback, Merida, etc.). The only issue with that is that my time seems to be very limited. I reckon I need to get at least some practice in before attempting the 109 KM event (I am feeling the burning desire to start cycling as soon as this weekend - 10 October 2015). I am not very well disposed towards those slim wheel road bikes. I would prefer to be able to do a little jump off the pavement without bending the rim. For this reason I am considering getting a mountain bike (29") and putting on some of those slick tires a bit later (before the actual event): http://s13.postimg.org/gzj1rpntz/koast_sport_1.png The budget is maxed at R5 000. With this in mind, the bike mentioned above is currently R6 000 at Sportsmans Warehouse. I can get 25% cashback with my vitality subscription, which puts me at R4 500. Now the question being whether this bike is worth R4 500 (photo attached): http://www.sportsmanswarehouse.co.za/lycan-orvin-vx3-alpha-29-mountain-bike.html#.VhJ41PmqpBd http://www.sportsmanswarehouse.co.za/images/product/1086500.jpg Sportsmans Wharehouse also have some other brands (Mongoose, Titan) of a similar price. Would any of those potentially be better? I did not find anything appropriate on the clasifieds of this site (I live in Cape Town) and am finding in very difficult to judge the actual value of bicycles I see on Gumtree/OLX. I would also mention that the aesthetic value I place on anything I buy is really higher than it should be, but I have no intention of changing/overruling this (hence, you can assume I like the look of the above bike). Any advise?
  10. A reminder to all prospective 2016 Cape Town Cycle Tour riders: Online entry applications open on Wednesday, 09 September 2015 at 1pm and will stay open for two and half weeks, closing on Monday, 28 September at 1pm. Click here to view the article
  11. Entry applications amount to an indication of interest only and do not ensure entry. Cycle Tour entries will be awarded at random, regardless of whether interest is registered on the first or the last day of the application period. In August 2015, the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust (CTCTT), organisers of the annual iconic event, announced a new online entry application process for 2016 which has been introduced to eliminate the quick sell-out of entries and improve cyclists’ overall experience. David Bellairs, a CTCTT director, says: “This is the first time Cycle Tour has moved away from the first-come-first-serve entry mechanism, and we believe this new system will ensure a more equitable and inclusive process for all prospective riders. We want to remind applicants that they do not need to rush to be the first in line as soon as the portal opens. Instead, they are able to apply for an entry at their convenience during the allocated period, giving all eager riders a fair chance to access the online portal to register their interest and to update their details at the same time.” The Cape Town Cycle Tour takes place on Sunday, 06 March 2016 and is limited to 35,000 riders. All entry applicants must follow the clear three-step process to apply for a 2016 entry. How to apply for a public entry to the 2016 Cape Town Cycle Tour: Entry application:From Wednesday, 09 September at 1pm until Monday, 28 September at 1pm, prospective local and international riders can apply, free of charge, for an entry at www.capetowncycletour.com. Entry confirmation: During the week of 2 October, successful applicants will receive an email notification from the Cycle Tour Events Office, advising them that their application has been successful. Securing an entry: Successful applicants will have until Monday, 26 October at 1pm to make payment which will secure their entry. Payment not received by this date, or should the applicant opt to decline the entry awarded to them, will result in that entry being made available to a previously unsuccessful rider. Local general entries will cost R470 per rider. Corporate Group entries will no longer be available this year, so those who have made use of these in the past will need to follow the public entry application process. A certain number of the entries will be made available via charity groups at varying costs and unsuccessful applicants or corporate group riders are encouraged to support a worthy cause by entering via one of the successfully listed charities. Follow @CTCycleTour on Twitter or like the official Cape Town Cycle Tour page on Facebook (www.facebook.com/CTCycleTour) for regular updates. For any event queries, or assistance with entries, please contact the Cycle Tour Events Office during office hours on 087 820 7223 or visit www.capetowncycletour.com.
  12. Okay, so the topic name might be a bit misleading. So my Mom and Dad went down to the Argus this year with some friend's (Faizal and his family) who had travelled from Ixopo in Kwa-Zulu Natal. And they came back with some really horrible stories of stuff that happened on the way to Cape Town. I'm posting this so that be can be aware and take care while in the vicinities I'm about to write about. First, they were going through Umtata at 4pm on a Tuesday, they had a trailer with a bike rack on the lid hitched to their car. They reached a main intersection in the town and were stopped at a robot/4-way. Suddenly people from all around the intersection started shouting and hooting at them, Faizal thought he had done something wrong to cause this reaction, but he caught a glimpse of his rear view mirror and saw some guys trying to take his bikes of the trailer, they didn't give up even while he was moving. Faizal eventually got rid of them thankfully with all his bikes still attached to his trailer. The second incident happened to Faizal's son in law, Yaseer, who was driving from Durban on Wednesday evening before the Argus weekend. At about 1 in the morning they were close to King Williams Town when they came to a section in the road where rocks were laid right across both lanes. They hit some rocks and unfortunately damaged one of the wheels quite badly so that car wasn't drivable anymore. Yaseer and his brother quickly made some calls to see if they could get some help. The boys decided to wait in the car and wait for help as it was pitch dark outside. After waiting a few minutes, somebody had started throwing rocks at the vehicles. breaking all of the windows and damaging the vehicle even more. After the rocks, some guys came to the car and took all their valuables, including cycling equipment and clothing, bags, car keys, but not before beating Yaseer up with a rock on his face. Long story short (might be too late for this) but they got out okay. Before anyone asks, yes this was reported to officials in both areas. Kings Williams town police said that this happens quite often in the area.
  13. Here some pics of the medals of the last 5 Argus events + 1 CTCT event. Looks like the medal design changed with the name .. http://i1018.photobucket.com/albums/af304/jkoorts/20150308_120500_zpslmx81eaq.jpg http://i1018.photobucket.com/albums/af304/jkoorts/20150308_120532_zpsbmzxpdci.jpg
  14. http://us3.campaign-archive1.com/?u=53471f4c91079204419e1ecf4&id=c9e225ecac&e=88cb20956a Cape Argus - Free Parking View this email in your browser Free Parking for all Cape Argus Cyclists The Cape Quarter is offering free parking tickets to all Cape Argus Cyclists. Display your race number and collect your free ticket from our ticket cart in the Square on Friday, from 12pm till 4pm and on Saturday from 9am till 6pm http://cdn-images.mailchimp.com/icons/social-block-v2/color-facebook-96.png Facebook http://cdn-images.mailchimp.com/icons/social-block-v2/color-twitter-96.png Twitter http://cdn-images.mailchimp.com/icons/social-block-v2/color-link-96.png Website
  15. My wife and I would like to do a ride on Saturday in Cape Town area. We don't know the place at all and are looking for recommendations either for a route we can do on our own or join an existing group ride. We will be on a tandem and average about 24-6km/h. Looking to do a relaxed 60-80km ride in some of the Cape's beautiful scenery. Happy to drive out to Stellenbosch etc. Criteria: safe roads, not too many climbs, beautiful scenery, places to stop for coffee etc. What you got CT?
  16. Hi Everyone, as you know the Cape Argus Cycle race is this Sunday, and the BiBi Rouge Cycling Team will be using this opportunity to raise money for our two charities. To do this, the lovely men in our team have volunteered to be sponsored to ride the whole 106km race in pink Tutu's! To sponsor one or more of the men, you can go to the below link and choose your amount (you can sponsor them R1 or R2 per kilometer the ride or anything between R50 and R1000) and it will then allow you to pay with a credit card or EFT though a secure site where your details will not be shared or stored. Alternatively you can email us on cycleteam@sabrinakennedy.co.za for EFT details. These guys need motivation to look fabulous for the biggest cycle race in SA, so we appreciate any donation! http://www.sabrinakennedy.co.za/online-store.php#!/BiBi-Rouge-Charity-Cycle-Team-Sponsorship/p/47878940/category=12453602 The two charities we sponsor are the Lunchbox fund- giving Children in Townships a School lunch every day, and The South African Animal Welfare, specifically to aid dog fighting in townships. Please share this so that your friends and family can help too! THANKS!
  17. The Cape Town Cycle tour is going to be epic. I propose its epic because cyclists take a stand for road safety and awareness. We often ask how we can make a difference, well here is the proposition. The cycling community here on the Hub makes suggestions for a section on the route where we commit to lie down on the road in protest for 5 minutes. Its called a 'die in', and that is how the community in Copenhagen protested roads deaths and changed cycling in their city. Surely decision makers in the city would take notice of thousands of cyclists making their voice heard, and in a visual way such that they could not escape the images of the worlds largest timed cycling event demanding action. Yes, it is a race and for many riders a few minutes makes a big difference. Imagine if the front groups just lay down on the ground for a minute prior to the start. A powerful take on a minute of silence to remember those who have been killed. Lets discuss how the cycling community can use this event to peacefully and powerfully create a change. I cannot bear to go through another training season hearing of cyclists being killed on the roads. It could have been any one of us. We only have a few chances as powerful as this. Thoughts?
  18. Given the tragic lost of another fellow cyclist yesterday in Cape Town. I feel it necessary to raise a concern regarding the road works on Victoria road on both sides of the road from Campsbay to Suikerbossie and down Suiker bossie to Houtbay. This is our morning training route and in the past few weeks I've noted that this stretch is an accident waiting to happen... With road works markers forcing both cyclist and motorist on to the same piece of road without any shoulder for the cyclist. My question why would the powers that be decide that this is a opportune time to implement road works this time of year knowing the volume of cyclist that use this route for training pre Cycle Tour? I've noticed road signs on the timing of the road works (07:30 - 17:00 ) - 07:30 being the peak time for people returning from their morning ride. Is there anyway we can get Citi council or whoever is responsible for the road works to delay their times by an hour? This will allow for the peak cycling traffic to subside. Tired of all the tragic news circulating the Hub lately. Lets try stand together as a community and try make the roads safer for ourselves.
  19. Unfortunately I won't be able to ride the 2015 Argus Cycle Tour due to a recently sustained injury. I'm therefor willing to sell my entry for R200. Just want to recuperate some of my costs. Whoever decides to get it will still be liable for the Substitution Fee. PM me or send an email to ilselang@gmail.com
  20. Argus / Cape Town Cycle Tour Entries A friend asked me to advertise this which is for a really great cause... General entries for the Argus sold out in 8 hours, however we still have entries available to ride for the Sunflower Fund. People entering under the Sunflower Fund charity can either ride in their seeded time or with the charity group. Please spread the word because every two entries through the charity generate R2000 for the great cause, which pays for one person to join the stem cell registry. If you're still looking for an entry and want to donate R1,000 to a really great charity organization, you can pay R1,700 (R1,000 donation + R700 which is less than normal entry and substitution cost) as well as get a Sect. 18A tax certificate for the donation. CLOSING DATE FOR CHARITY ENTRIES IS 30 JANUARY Use the link below to enter, and please forward this on to other cyclists who could be interested: https://online.entries.co.za/entries/jointeam.aspx?eid=2015&group=3c8f7f30-1731-4efc-8171-ab2741f73d6a
  21. I am seeking an entry for the 2015 Argus (Cape Cycle Tour) with a sore heart Petrus
  22. Hi, I am attempting my first Argus in 2015 and reside in the Southern Suburbs CT. Anyone around here training for the Argus? Need cycle training 'buddies' during the week.
  23. So I'm looking to do something a bit unconventional. I'd like to borrow somebody's road bike for on long term agreement, for at most about 9 months until and including the PnP Argus Cycle Tour in March next year Basically, the idea is that I'm not at the point of purchasing my own road bike at the moment. I mainly ride my mountain bike, but can't justify a purchase for such limited use as I intend at this stage. I intend to ride the Die Burger, The PnP Argus and a couple of weekend rides. I figure there are lots of blokes out there who have a road bike gathering dust in the garage, which deserve to be put to good use. Compensation will of course be discussed, and may be a portion of the bike's value. I am willing to provide relevant documentation to allay fears, and sign some sort of agreement on the terms. I am 1.85, 6 ft 1, longish inseam. Generally ride a Large, on the border of XL. So I think I'm looking for a 56cm bike, or 58cm with shorter stem. I'm not going to get picky on the type of bike, sportive or full on race. Let me know if you have any ideas, comments or suggestions. Or of course if you have the bike I'm looking for Please, no nastiness.
  24. Extreme Lights is amped for the Argus Cycletour Expo, running Thursday through Saterday in the Cape Goodhope Centre. We'll have a couple of products there and will be running a number of Expo only sales. Come find us at Stall M57, close to the exit, and see what is up for grabs! http://extremelights.co.za/extreme-lights-cape-argus-cycle-expo-2014/
  25. So at around 60km's into the race, near to Soetwater, my rear tyre's (tubeless) sidewall exploded off the beading and after a couple of failed attempts by bike mechanics to patch me up I went home in a sweep vehicle as a DNF. A first time for me and a very sad ending to a race that's for sure. Were you also a DNF (Did Not Finish)? Tell us about it here...
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