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  1. They've been talking about it for years. There is new rumours that they want to do it though. It would be a massive loss to the mountain biking community as this is our main training ground. It's host to arguably some of the best trails in the country. Contact the local Hillbillies Club if you need more information on the matter. As far as I'm aware they keeping a very close eye on it. It would be very sad to lose the place. I rode there last night and going back this afternoon for another ride.
  2. Iv always ridden with Falke socks. I liked that they were slightly longer than other brands. However the last few pairs have all been slighty shorter which I dont really like. I do like Versus because of the extra padding on the toe and heal but dont like the length. Any other suggestions for nice socks that are longer than the Versus but obviously not knee height.
  3. Walk away buds. Its really not worth the time, effort or money. Rather keep a close eye on the classifieds, you can pick up a really good deal on something that wont let you down. Good luck!
  4. Its going to be an incredible adventure! A serious rollercoaster of emotions ranging from sheer terror to giggling excitement! I'm told this is normal for your first TB.😁
  5. Moult


    Ciovita are first class! You wont be sorry.
  6. We thinking of just putting normal lights on for the first hour or two that we are in the dark and then the big lights on later in the day. The earlier start also means that you going to be starting your ride in full winter kit and then during the day shedding some layers only to need them again later on when it starts getting dark. It's threading that fine balance between taking too much and not taking enough.
  7. It's looking like it's going to be a bloody cold ride gents! Solid wind from the West and temperature is not going much above 12. That start is going to be freezing! I'm still super amped though!
  8. The wind and cold I can deal with. It's the rain I'm watching for and praying against.
  9. So Trans Baviaans got moved on by 2 weeks. With the covid figures seemingly on the decrease its looking positive that the race will go ahead. How is everyones training going? Im feeling good despite just recovering from chickenpox. General thoughts/ opinions on the event coming up?
  10. Im current on a Momsen Vipa and totally adore it! But i do have the itch to buy and older model road bike and stick a pair of gravel tyres on it. I had a Merida Scultura which I regrettably sold last year. I was a lovely little bike. No man can have just one bike!
  11. The 1x chainring doesnt make sense to me on the gravel bike. Especially not here in the Garden Route. We have plenty climbing and nice flats too.
  12. Any of you had success with converting an older model road bike to a gravel bike?
  13. Dale where can we see the total elevation gain for the day? On the app it shows the start altitude and the end altitude but it doesn't show the total elevation gain over each stage. Where can I find that information. I'm purely curious to see how much these guys are climbing.
  14. I like them! The Cypher is stunning!
  15. Moult

    Attakwas 2021

    Definitely much higher chance of wet conditions. Iv lived in George for 22 years and knowing the conditions this time of year never even thought of entering Atta. Il do it in Jan rather. Only people licking thier lips are the bike shops. I wrecked my drive train at last years event. Even in the best condition it remains an event even the pros are *** scared of.
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