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Training with a heavier bike

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Following on from another recent thread... i want to find out if anyone is training and racing on different bikes and if its worthwhile?


i ride on avg 13 or so hours a week and have a light Carbon 10 spd bike - as well as a heavier aluminum 8 speed. Id like to use the old one for the usual training and save the lighter (more expensive to maintain) one for racing and the longer rides.


Thoughts? would it help improve race times? I'm thinking it would be like resistance training?

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Having to train on a crap bike takes the fun out of riding :thumbdown:

Yes, it will make you stronger though :thumbup:


true, i guess il always be thinking "gosh, soooo heavyyyy" must find more gears" - but on the flip side- that bike has a lot of memories for me and i think it will be rad to whoop the mates butts with my old school heavy bike ,while they struggle with their larny sub 8kg beasts. :lol:


and then as i say, when it comes down to race day / those long 3hr+ excursions id feel as though I've lost 5kgs!


and i won't wanna cry as much when i damage something on it. ;)


well I've been fixing up the oldie as a bit of a side project anyways (even if i decide not to use it often-its always nice to have a backup bike.) all she needs now is a minor service , some bar tape and some 2nd hand pedals. luckily i have a saddle / some newish tires .


bit of a mix mash of old group set parts and old set of rims i had built ages ago etc... etc... must say I'm looking forward to giving her a go again once she's ready to roll!

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I have two bikes, one for training and one for that I use for racing. It happened more by chance in that I built up a bike about 8 years ago as a treat and kept teh older one for training.


It is a lot more expensive maintaing two bikes. I do enjoy the fact that i do not have to change putting on racing hweels the night before a race, it feels great when you ride the "race machine" as it is much lighter with much better components. That said, my second steed has decent group set Campy Veloce.


Also, I dont have any hassles riding in wet weather when on the training bike. If your 8 speed gives a decent ride, then I'd say train on it, and leave the "feel good" factor when you take out the light carbon on race day. The hills just seems easier as well which is great for your confidence.

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I normally tie a dead wildebees to my seat post and drag that around. It also masks my smell.


by resistance training i meant training with more weight, not forcing everyone else to hang 2kms back in order to avoid you! hahahahah.


although if you did that on your MTB and rode through the game reserve,I'm sure that will help with your overall speed!

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Another roadie who wants shave 10secs of his time.


yeah it wouldn't hurt... but its more about limiting wear n tear on the better bike to be honest.

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yeah it wouldn't hurt... but its more about limiting wear n tear on the better bike to be honest.


Do it. You'll love it. Don't listen to the pretentious ones here.

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adriana - the old bike - is now the proud owner of some new bar tape, an old saddle and some shiny new pedals as well as some slightly used vittoria rubber.


<<< carbon bike (megan) vs alu bike (adriana) >>>


10 speed (11-25) vs 8 speed (12-23)


8kg vs 11kg :unsure:


the daily trek (no pun intended) up northcliff hill is sure gonna get a lot more interesting :blink:


awesome to finally finish the rebuild tho!


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