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Energy Bar Recipes


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Being a bit of a self confessed foody I have always toyed with the idea of making my own energy bars as opposed to swallowing down whatever the manufacturers make for us. I'm not saying the products out there are rubbish I just think there are so many added ingredients to keep them fresh, soft etc which we as humans can do without in this world of fast food.


Last night I made my first batch which to be honest tasted great but because I never baked them they didn't set properly. They hold their shape but no crunch when you bite into them. No idea how they will perform during an event but given the contents of them I think they should do ok.



1 cup crunchy peanut butter

1 cup honey

3 cups raw oats

1 cup whey protein powder


Put the honey and peanut butter in a saucepan and heat until it becomes liquid. Add the oats and protein powder and mix well. Lay over a sheet of baking paper and smooth out to about 1 cm thck. Allow to cool and then cut into desired size and shape.


For my first batch I was pretty chuffed, but want to know everyone else's thoughts and recipes.

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Sounds good. I'm going to try them this weekend.


Estimated energy content per 100g?


Not a clue.

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Man that looks interesting, will be making some this weekend for next weeks tour to DBN.


Thanks Zula :thumbup:

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might need to ride with a portaloo with some of those recipes. :P


:lol: Too much fibre! Short rides only... They do sound tasty though :thumbup:

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Haha! Duplicate Post :) I also posted. Looks nice and easy. Look up my post as well


I posted your link above :thumbup: Have you tried any of those recipes yet and are they expensive?

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I have tried the Peanut butter cranberry ones and the healthy energy bars. Loved the cranberry ones - felt like i was on drugs that day. Will definitely make them again. Havent tried the Healthy energy bars on a long ride but on the short ride I was on, I was happy with them :)


Gonna add Zula's recipie to my file.

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