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  1. From experience: kidney pain = stay off the bike!! Had stones 2x last year and was not fun. Have had UTIs a few times as well. Riding strains your kidneys. I never listened and ja... I am off racing this year. Rest up for a few weeks before riding again. Get better soon.
  2. I ordered a Menabo Winny 3 last night. One of the hubbers let me see their one last night and its awesome. Yes, the attaching requires a touch of skill (I got it on fairly quick though), its also not that heavy. What I liked about it and why I bought one: * price - you are going to struggle to get a 3 bike platform rack for that price * well made - its cheap but is made with proper components * relative ease of attachment (its a lever not a screw) * locks onto car and bikes lock onto rack (like the Thule G2)
  3. I love my medals. Yes, most of them mean little to me now but each one tells a story of my progression as a cyclist. The majority live in my study and I am in the process of ordering one of those medal hanger things for them. The rest are my Sabie and Sani medals so live in my lounge. These are the ones where I have either got top 10, sub 3 hour or sweated blood. My 1 really special medal is framed. As is my Rapha500 patch.
  4. Teach your kid some basic bike maintenance then she can "tweak" their bikes in the parking lot after. All it takes is a quarter turn of a bolt to make for a frustrating next ride with a slipping saddle... Revenge isn't the answer but seriously these guys need to learn respect. No matter the age, they need to learn to move out the way when it's safe for faster riders. It's basic bike etiquette.
  5. The new Ghost factory shop is quite amazing. Had my bike fixed by them. The prices were awesome and the service wow!!!! (And there is plenty bike porn in the shop)
  6. Did my entry this morning... I really really dont like the race but have entered again... My 1st one was emotionally horrid. Was in the starting block when my mom called to say that my gran had died and Dad wouldnt be alongside the road to support of fetch me as he was flying to Cape Town. That was 7 years ago. Have missed 2 so this will be number 5 for me. And as always, I will be thinking of my gran on the day. Only reason I do this race is for my family. I have noticed that the years I dont do it, Dad gets emotional so my doing the race has become part of our routine and his distraction. He drops me off then goes home to garden. He then fetches me (after a beer or 3) and I go for lunch with my folks. My bro and his wifey are always excluded from these events.
  7. Just seen this rather interesting topic. I took something called Nootropil earlier in the year when I was struggling with energy and focus on the bike. (Its also a drug you can use in and out of competition.) Only big problem with it is that you cant always find it and currently it is unavailable. This stuff made such a huge difference to me off the bike that I have had to go onto one of the stuff mentioned in this thread and I must admit: I am HATING the side effects.
  8. I got as far as riding 1m and then falling gloriously and ungracefully and almost always with a pedal beating me in the shin. Mine is now a cool wall ornament....
  9. Jooste, the lions actually gonna be in there? or you taking them to another camp for the day? ie, do we get to see them in our camp?
  10. I entered the whole series - value for money and money goes back to Rhinos. Plus you get a Decca shirt and a discounted race entry.
  11. Cant wait for this! Who else is doing it?
  12. So... It's confirmed. I got stones. Had a ct scan this morning. Good news is that it wasn't caused by my beer drinking habits!!! Yippee..... Caused by not drinking enough on the bike at my last race (had 2.5 bottles for a 160km race) and then didn't rehydrate myself properly after. Learnt some rad things today though - like peanuts increase incidence of stones.
  13. Think the beer is the reason I got them Been drinking a fair amount of good beer. Perhaps I should have been drinking Castle Light rather?
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