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29er wheel combo for rigid SS


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I am building a rigid ss and have bought a kenda karma 1.9x 2.9 tyre.

Seriously light at 520g. I am going to use it in the rear.

Where the catch comes is should I use the kenda in the rear and use a 2.2 cont-x king at the front for more grip. However the conti weighs in at 700g so is the extra weight worth the grip?

I will be riding mostly at Lourensford.

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I am going to use it in the rear.


Sounds eina.


Keep cushioning on a rigid bike in mind. I've been running a 2.3 WTB Exiwolf at a very low pressure on the front of my rigid SS and wouldn't go for much less than that where we live....the extra volume helps a lot on rocky and rooty descents.

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I will not put anything less than 2.2 on the front with a rigid fork. You need that extra volume (your body will thank you for it). Make sure its tubeless as well to enable a tyre pressure of 1.8. The weight is a non issue, you are already saving more than a kilogram going to a rigid fork.

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I'm sorry, but the weight on a rigid SS makes a big difference, and nowhere more so than on the tyres ( rotationl mass), so get a lightweight tyre, Kenda, IMHO, is k*k, sorry, for the frank view. You'll want something with more volume than a 1.9 tyre even on the back. Maxxis Ikon ( 580 gr with protection)or 2012 Racing Ralph ( 605 gr Snakeskin).

I get at least 2500 km from the Ikon as a rear tyre and about 6000km on the RR at the front.

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