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MTB shoes/pedals


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On pedals:

Why eggbeaters, more chance of pressure issues because of smaller contact point.


No matter what manufacturer says what, SPD's have trouble with mud (especially when it is walked into the bottom of the shoe.

That is something i HATED about them. That and the amount of float etc are why I moved to Time pedals. In the x years of riding with them I have NEVER had a mud problem and they are more comfortable than any pedal I have ever ridden with. Just got my 3rd set yesterday.


+1. My TIME pedals are 12+ years old and I would never ride with anything else. have never had any issues with mud and the surface area is large enough that I can fairly comfortably pedal even when clipped out

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That happens, but its usually so seldom that it isnt an issue in the bigger picture.


Yip, never likely to happen at high speed. Although the bruising on the inside of my leg seems to indicate that it was more painful than assumed :) But there is little chance of mountain biking without the odd bruise, graze and cut.

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So what shoes did you get? You obviously got the M520 pedals, right?


I got the M520s (although I was looking for the M530s but they are a little scarce in KZN at the moment) and Specialized Comp MTB shoes. Very happy on the three rides I have done thus far with just a few falls overs and bruises to speak of. Have to admit on the one ride the top of my right foot started getting a bit sore but wrote it off as having to get used to them and perhaps having the rachet too tight.

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I got my M530's and Shimano M077 shoes delivered yeterday courtesy of Buycycle and a fathers day gift certificate. Promptly proceeded home and fitted everything.then promptly proceeded to fall over for the first (and probably not last) time. :w00t: :w00t: Can't wait to try them out on the trails................... :clap: :clap:

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