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Advice needed - best hardtail value for money?


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Hi Guys and Girls,


Need some advise on best value for money 29er hardtail mtb, casual rider, budget = +/- R 15,000.

Looked at Merida Big 9 500 or XT, Momsen AL 429, Silverback Sola 1 or what else can anyone advise me on like Scott etc?


Looking forward.

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welcome to the hub!

Momsen all the way


Being in the same situation I can tell you that the Momsen op mentioned is around 12k and the silverback is 16k and with that silverback's components its like comparing a knife to a glock. If we were comparing the Sola 2 then I'd say go momsen but ultimately it depends on dunesand's budget and if it can stretch to a Sola 1.

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Also, I would go and have a look on www.thesportsbasement.co.za

Since you are in GP you might just as well go and have a look there.

I was lucky almost two years ago, got a 2011 model Specialized Rockhopper for 6K in 2012. brand new.

Their stock varies but you might just be able to find a nice bargain there.

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