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On what basis do you choose your weekend MTB races?

New Landy new life

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I try and do an event on every weekend that I am not working and try avoid Sundays.


I notice that in the Western Cape we have so many events on any given weekend especially now that spring is on us.


I was just wondering how do you guys choose which event to participate in - not those racing for top spot or prizes, just someone that gets middle of the pack results like me and does it for personal improvement and technical/scenery/single-track reasons.


I do seem to choose events I have done the year or so before to see how my time compares, but the routes seem to be changing from year to year so that's more or less out the window as a reason.


I was wondering how you compare the events or do you guys just go for the biggest climb distance as a challenge or on cost etc.


Very open ended question but would appreciate some advice on how you guys choose the best event suited to your style etc.



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I like variety so every year I try to do different events, rarely do the same race 2 years in a row except if I didn't finish or regard it as one of the highlights of the year.


I also like to do a mix of more technical/singletrack & dirtroadie races, not just one type.


Comments on thehub is a good guideline for me when choosing races (although I've done a few which is basically ignored on thehub)


I also generally avoid races on my local trails like Tygerberg, don't see the need to pay to ride with crowds on trails I can ride for "free" whenever I want the rest of the year.

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Im going to be more selective of the ones that I do.


if it involves a lot of district road... NOT interested

if it involves district road for miles on end with corrugations... NOT interested

if it involves lots of soft sand, like beach sand... NOT interested


Benchmark races for me will be Magalies Monster and Van gaalens, those to me are fun as I dont fall asleep from boredom, the race has to be at least 60% singletrack for me from now on.


I also wanna give XCO a bash next year :thumbup:


Thats my 2c worth

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Anything that is within 100-150km from me. I like to try any new races! Listening to people on the hub don't always help. Half say its a crap race, others say it aint. So I rather go try for myself... Then I can say its Crap or not!

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Well, I am in Kimberley. The closer the event, the better!


And if I never done a race or cycled in that area, I try to attend the race.

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Sorry to hijack this - quickly.


There is an XCO race at Thaba Trails on 16 November. Come and try it out. See XCOSA.co.za for details. You will find it tough and challenging. I think I must mention TOUGH again...


Hijack off.

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Route is KING. district roads and urban environment not great. Single track and technical is my preference eg Van Gaalens

After that I would look at proximity, I can go for a great ride from home, so it has to be very special to travel a long way.

Big crowds are not great , but big crowd and noisy music is awful. Could the organisers please realize that the majority of the participants are older than 21. ( and play appropriate music, and I do not mean we are ancient, or just no music would be fine by me).

Perhaps the races could be given a grading, so people know what they are in for and avoid some of the issues we have recently seen.

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