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Where is the biggest, meanest, longest and steepest hill in Durban?


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In response to the Joberg boys lets see what we have in Durban.


Ashley Drive in Gillitts

Carnation Place & Stockville Road - From Westmead to Gillitts

Ngwele Road - Road out from Inanda Dam

Old Howick Road in PMB. (Not Strictly Durban)


pics from www.mapmyride.com






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That Ngwele road is rather steep...even in the car.


Further down the Umgeni valley there are some more monsters. You use them to get out of the valley when seconding in Dusi canoe race.

Think it's Fannin Road and further down the valley is Khululeka Drive which goes up towards the M5.

Has anybody ridden these?

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those 19 & 20% climbs must be real legg breakers :eek: I've done a 26% gradient with the dikwiel before- but then one at least has a granny gear (24) and a 36 at the back, not a 39/25 combo like on a road bike :eek:

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Not the longest but the meanest. The last little drag up past Westridge Tennis stadium before the downhill into town during Shova when you absolutely beaten and hanging onto your bunch for dear life.

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The M19 from Umgeni river to Blair Atholl rd offramp.

4km climb at ave. 9% gradient.

All on a nice wide shoulder that can fit 2 riders abreast.


But the really big stuff near DBN is on dirt roads outside Ballito. My favourite is a 35km climb with 1450m elevation gain, and some pitches over 20%.

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