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Full Suspension Bike - R30K Budget


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Mark - just a heads up. No way you'll get a full santa build for less than 30k unfortunately. Their frame and shock alone comes to more than 20k. Then there's the fork et al. Unless you port parts over.. even then it'll be a stretch.

Something may be happening behind the scenes with regard to the Cruz :whistling: :thumbup: Will see how it pans out, just worried about warranties now more then anything. After seeing that Stumpie, and chatting to the guys at Cyclefunatic I may just be able to come in at slightly over R30k, only the fork is a let down :(
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Get the Santa Cruz.

Sell a kidney

Not sure anyone would want one of my kidneys though :ph34r: If I've got to stretch the budget a little bit and live on cans of bully beef, so be it :devil:
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