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The Trail type is great for lots of technical riding. Basically trail and all mountain where your pedals get knocked against rocks and roots and so forth. It also affords you the luxury of a semi platform when you cannot get your foot into the cleat when facing a serious downhill. This all comes with a weight penalty.


If you ride XC, go with the M520 or the XT-race pedal(780?). Saves a lot of weight in the end and function wise it is exactly the same.

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Sorry mate but I am not really seeing the difference in function there except for the extra "protection" that the XT's give. If you are going to have a platform area, it needs to have some form of gripping device (pins of roughness at least) for your shoe to grab and if you are riding with ballet shoes, that's not really going to do much.


Assuming that you are riding XCM/O type stuff then go for the 520's if weight is not an issue and price is. Going to take a LOT to break those pedals. Or if you are a bit more weight conscious, get the 540's. A few grams heavier than the XT's at a lot less Randelas. If you want a platform type SPD then get the M647's (DX) heavier, platform(ish) and bullet proof but I doubt they'll let you fit those to a 29er.......

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Get the Shimano PDM 540's

IMO the best bang for buck out there. Fairly light an strong as anything.

Just put a new set on my new build in favor of XTRs or any others.

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I use PDM530 (the only thing I use shitmano related :ph34r: ) They great when you pedaling technical sections uncleated. Don't see the need to buy expensive pedals just to save a few grams, because they get lekka stuffed up on the rocky sections.





Thank goodness you kempekkernoglia do not make peddles as it would be as undependable as the rest of their thingies.

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I have both XT trail and 530's. If you have the cash..... go for the XT trail. If you don't. .... the 530 is perfect. The larger cage gives your shoes a bit more purchase on the pedal. Also the repair and maintenance is cheaper/easier rhan XT's

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