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  1. This guy is just plain bef0k in his head!
  2. Really shocked at all of this... Pathetic excuses of people appointed to positions of upholding the law, really makes me de'moerin with this country... Strongs to Abdullah, May the almighty grant him Shifaa... Prayers goes out to his family during this difficult time...
  3. Hey, I drive an i10 and I'm a cyclist, I always pass wider from the rider... I swear it wasn't me though... ???? Strongs to the BMX Rider, hope he heels soon...
  4. WTF... Warning man for graphic content! Dunno if this actually happen, haven't heard anything...
  5. Well done... This is what the hub should continuously be about... One oke helping another out... Well done Simon on extending the hand...
  6. I'm pretty sure he is going to be riding his bike to the hills and would like to maintain a steady pace at that, to get there... Removing the eTap battery from the FD will having him spinning quite slowly to any nearby hill.... It is a functional roadie...
  7. I think your math is a bit skewed, it does not take into account, body repair and excess offload... So even if you consume more than you burn off during exercise, the excess will be used to repair and the over extra will be removed as a waste product... If you are active and healthy, then your body will only retain what it needs and rid of the excess irrespective...
  8. Ah, nothing more gorgeous than artisan art... craftsmanship like this is few and far between these days... Well done DJR, really good looking
  9. Got the same whats app message to contact him via goodhearted002@gmail.com... Just ignored and deleted the message.
  10. I have had quick response from Gareth Lee for the issue I had with my road frame... Maybe it's because of travel that you not getting a response?
  11. Yassis, that was one helluva technical read... I know you talking about a rear shock and compressions and what not... But the rest was just mind boggling to try to understand... Just shows what I know about rear shocks and adjustments etc... Thanks for this, will be following this thread...
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