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FOX CTD ISSUES....Help please

Titanium Rocket

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Can anyone who is a Fox fork boffin help please?


I recently bought a Fox Fork 32 FLOAT 29, 100 mm FIT CTD (non-remote version). Initially the CTD selector worked like a dream:

• “C” = zero travel

• “T” = roughly 50% travel, say 50 mm

• “D” = maximum travel, 100 mm.


Now after 5 months the “T” selection appears to have stopped working; there is no clear ‘middle’ differentiation on “T”, pretty much maximum travel as if in “D” mode.


Took it to my LBS, who is by the way, a real fundi on Fox shocks. He said something is not right, but he sent it back to the supplier/agent (forget their name, Cape Town somewhere), because it was still under warranty. It came back from the supplier/agent who said “…there is nothing wrong with it…that’s how it should be!”


Is someone bullshi**ing me here? It most certainly was not like this when I first got it! Can anyone else with a Fox CTD tell me how your settings feel? Are the 3 CTD settings distinctly different? Or am I missing the plot somewhere else?

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Hi there. I have the same fork and was confused as well. Please note that there should still be travel in when in "C" mode. It is not a full lockout. Climb, Trail and Descend modes. Mine does not lock out fully on C mode, but I can definitely feel a difference in travel between the three modes.

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I also have this fork and it's fairly new, and I don't see a huge difference between the T & D settings. There is a difference, but not as much as the "50%" you use in your example. I ride on T basically the whole time, and seems fine to me.

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yip, same with me...i think the rebound are different when bombing downhill...compaed to just riding a trail...


all subtle... but still functional!

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C = small hole

T = big hole

D = small + big hole


As mentioned, C will not lock out, and it's difficult to tell the difference between T and D.

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Firstly you get 2 different tunes on your climb mode. A "MEDIUM" for trail bikes with longer suspension and a "FIRM" for XC. The "firm" tune should be very close to lockout and have very little bob. On the side of the CTD knob there should be sticker denoting the Climb tune.


There should be a definite difference between T mode and D mode. Some forks also have a trail adjust mode(black ring outside the lever). I suspect that on the one limit of the trail adjust mode it would be very close to the Descend mode. If you have this trail adjust, turn it all the way in the opposite direction and feel if it is still the same. The trail adjust ONLY WORKS IN TRAIL MODE. The Trail mode should also give you full travel when working the fork hard. It just makes the spring feel "harder" or firmer, that translates in your arms getting more tired.


What I have found is that small differences in air pressure make a huge difference on all three modes, so play around with that as well. From where all three modes feel the same to where the Climb mode is almost a lockout.


The 2013 CTD was also a POS. The 2014 tune is a bit better. A proper service of the fork might also help to improve the performance.


But the best advice I can give you is to buy a Rockshox. I have a 130mm TALAS which is on the market right now to be replaced by a Rockshox Pike.

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The FIT cartridges generally don't give problems, but yours sounds like it's not working as it should. I'd have to see the fork to give my proper 2c worth though, and I gather you're not in Cape Town...

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