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"H" adjustment screw not doing anything


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My wife's front derailleur has some rub when in the big ring, so I tried adjusting the H screw but the derailleur doesn't move at all regardless of how much I turn the screw.


Is it "screwed"?

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Adjust the cable, screw will only stop the derailleur from moving too far ,it wont move it further, that is the cables job :thumbup:


Thanks, so do I adjust it at the shifter or at the derailleur (i.e. tighten it or loosen it at the derailleur itself)?

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There is a couple of youtube videos to show yoy how it works. First of all you only adjust the screws with no tension on the cable. So loosen the cable at the deraileur and the you have to adjust the H and L screws accordantly

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Screwing the adjuster out at the shifter will move the derailleur further away from the frame of the bike. If you do not have enough adjustment at the shifter well then yes you are going to have to adjust at the derailleur which becomes a bit more tricky dependant on your mechanical abilities.

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