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tomorrow's episode of "House"


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series chanel - 36, read about this a while back - check out the far fetched story line....smiley2.gif I think its tomorrow's episode....


A professional bicyclist is brought in after collapsing during a race, but House doesn't want to treat him because he thinks the athlete is taking performance-enhancing drugs. House only becomes interested when the patient admits to taking the drugs.

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Wonder who's playing the role as the cyclist ..Floyd Landis Maybe!!smiley36.gif

Enjoy that program....If I can stay awake till 21h00....
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smiley36.gifDoubt that he'll be a very good actor...


Would have said "he shouldn't quit his day-job"...but...erm...if your fired/banned from your day job you'll try anything for money hey?smiley2.gif
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so who watched....


interestnig but the blood doping, they must have been thinking about -Ham since the show aired at least last year I think in the states.....
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F*ck the plot,


What happened to the law. Hippocrate's law!


Thats why I don't watch sh*t like the programmes as in hospital law. Pure American.


But have a look at "Law & Order". Not bad. Everyone of those cases are based on true encounters!

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