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Moderation: Call for moderator nominations and feedback


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Hi Hubbers,


It's been a very long time since we appointed moderators on The Hub (way back in 2011 to be more precise). In that time the site has grown and evolved considerably.


Beyond growth in visitor numbers, members and volume of content, people are also using the platform is different ways compared to 2011. As an example our Classifieds & Trader ratings didn't exist in its current form with only a simple "For sale" forum for this purpose.


In that time some of the current moderators have become less active on the site and others simply no longer have the available time to assist in these duties.


All in all when we're significantly under resourced when it comes to moderation.


We need more moderators. Not only to address the capacity constraints, but also moderators who are more active in the community and can assist in pro-actively preventing issues.


Moderator Nominations

If you think you'd be up to the task or would like to nominate a member you feel would be please send in your nominations:

  • You can nominate any number of people including yourself
  • Include a brief motivation for each
  • Include sections of interest: e.g. Forums only, Classifieds only, Global, etc.
  • Send your nominations to: moderators@thehubsa.co.za
    (Please do not nominate in the comments below - these will not be considered)

Moderation Feedback

We're also running a very short (3 question) anonymous survey for moderation feedback. I receive many PMs and emails from members with suggestions and feedback on moderation issues. This feedback is highly valued and will shape how we structure and approach moderation going forward.


Please take a moment to provide any feedback you may have here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/267H378


Selection and Moderator Criteria

From the list of nominees we will select 5-10 new moderators based on the criteria below and their history on the site. With the aim of having at least 5 new moderators attending to the Forums and Classifieds respectively (some may cover both).


Core criteria:

  • Must have been a member on the site for at least 1 year.
  • Must have active involvement in the section(s) interested in (e.g. Classifieds, Forums).
  • Must have demonstrated the ability to conduct themselves in accordance with the community rules and shown a mature, rational and reasonable approach to conduct on The Hub.

What is a moderator?

A moderator is a member of an internet community who has special permissions which allow them to enforce the community rules.


A key role of a moderator is to ensure that discussions and debates are carried out in an appropriate manner, in line with the community rules. Moderators also assist in weeding out and spammers, scammers and the like.



So what does this mean?

Moderators have the authority to edit, move and close forum topics as well as individual posts. They can give out warnings when forum rules are broken and step in when things get out of hand.


As a moderator they can still participate in discussions, debates and general chit chat. They are not expected to remain neutral or objective in general discussions but should conduct themselves in a civil manner in accordance with the forum rules.

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I nominate myself. I am what The Hub is looking for. Pure talent


Second this.......enough physical bruising for this Sir (pics proof).......lus for some sociopsychological bruising........

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........what about the tannies, mammies and girls.....unigencarpuxtablon team?

I see what you did there..... ;)

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What about the Sheriff? We need some order around here and he seems like the right person for the job.

Sheriff and DIPS!
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