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  1. It is beautiful. One question if I may. Why restore? It looks to be in an excellent condition. Iam almost afraid that you could lose that original look.
  2. I used to only wear Versus. Light, cool and stylish imo. Only issue is that when you light a joint and a tiny piece of ash falls on your sock, a massive hole appears in your sock. They also ladder easier that a pair of Pep stockings. I wear Falke mtb socks now. I have peace in my heart and a smile on my face.
  3. Yes, always Bud. You know that I am always the level headed calm one.
  4. Hahaa. I rode with Fanie. Stopped for coffee after the ride. I had an Americano. He had two draughts. Farking animal this oke
  5. I once put vaseline on a chicks o ri....... ag never mind
  6. Stans for me. It was the first sealant that I ever used. It will be the last sealant that I ever use. Not because is is better or worse than other sealants. It is because I hate change.
  7. They should send them to Bloem. I suspect that the guy who came 17th in the NG Kerk Fauna Bloemfontein fun ride was doping on a serious level. On a serious note. Amateur doping is massive here. And Apparently even more so in Bethlehem. Totally farked up imo. Doping to ride better in the platteland. You are a pathetic individual. A friend of mine was at a function in Bethlehem where a few local cyclists were. She says that they were openly discussing their dopining regimes like a bunch of cheating pro riders. She comes from a medical background and she says that what they are doing is irresponsible and downright dangerous. I always have and always will have the viewpoint that doping is cheating. Irrespective of what level or what sport you participate in.
  8. You fuckinglegend. Im in tears
  9. You are way too humble Dipper. Okes this man has made a phenomenal turn around and comeback. Well done SON.
  10. Thanks Y'all for the replies so far. Will try all the options. Ultimately perseverance will pay off.
  11. Morning, I want to place a pre order for 3 Surly Corner Bars. So far I have been unable to find an agent in SA. Surly contacted directly, dont respond to e mails. Bike shops in the UK and the USA just tell me that you live in a third world shite hole. We are not willing to take the risk of sending items to you as the risk of them never arriving is too big. The bars are more likely to end up cable tied to the grille of a shiny black G Wagon that they ever would be fitted to your bike. Surly somebody (did you see that?) here has ordered Surly items before. If I need to import I would preferably want to order from the US as it is half the price compared to the UK. Advice would greatly appreciated. Peace
  12. Take it tp your LBS. They are professionals.
  13. Ja. Unfortunately they will yap a lot. But stop and discuss the matter in an adult manner aint gonna happen.
  14. Crazy hey. As a veteran in car vs cyclist. I have been taken out 4 times. Scary thing is that only one was on a road bike. 3 times on a mtb. Anyway. In each instance the following happened. In one instance, the motorist stopped profusely apologised and took full responsibility for his actions. Kudos Sir. In one instance the driver fled the scene. He was later arrested and the case progressed until he passed away. And in two instances the motorist blamed me for being on the road. I was in the way of the car. I didnt belong in the road. One even issued summons against me for damage to his pimped out Hi Lux.
  15. Terrible. RIP to the rider who lost his life. Strongs fellow cyclists
  16. Brilliant race. I am exhausted. Carapaz a true champion. WvA just something else. The work that he did is just something else.
  17. Vetseun please marry me
  18. Fan frikken tastic. Well done Nic. I shall be screaming and shouting for you!
  19. Sometimes I really miss the old hub. When I was allowed to post a pic of my receptionists boobs for rating by hub members. Then I also miss the free for all fights that we used to have. Like a rugby match in the 80's, the mods would sit back and let us moer each other. Afterwards, a few friendly warnings, a few warning points, a 30 day ban or two and we were ready for the next fight. Good days in a way but also rather silly and childish. I shudder to think of some of the shite I caused here. All in all I am happy that rules are enforced more strictly now. Keeps idiots like me in check.
  20. Ja, if you want mountains, this aint the place to come
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