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Cradle Classic Race Report


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So day 2 of the Tour de Heritage weekend. Yesterday was the prologue which consisted of 106km's of what I reckon was a way to easy route. I mean come on... like Hekpoort? Who actually struggled? No one, I thought so.


Today's stage was a 97km route starting at Maropeng that was pretty flat. I felt like quitting after riding the route as a pre race warm up. Just for interest sake... My warm up took me 1 hour and 58 minutes, which was like 20 minutes faster than the elites. Now do you understand why I think it's so easy.


At the start I had Scott Richardson (Microsoft Team Manager) approach me. He asked me to please drop down to one of the Open groups cause his guys were hurting from the pain I dished out the day before at the
Dis-Chem. I was like OK how much you got dude? He gave me a copy of Windows XP with SP2 and I was like sure I'll drop down and just as I left to join with the open groups he wanted me to sign his shirt... so I was like
ugh... OK... So deal done. I started with the A group which was followed by a pre race concert sponsored by Micheal Jackson from New Horizons. Great show... Eeeooow! Sing a long now: All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us...OK I'll stop now and put my white socks, black pants and shiny black shoes away and take off my white glove.


OK I'm back...

So the following team started in the A group from TCS... Spinnekop, Levi, epoh, Coenie and of course in all teams there's a weak link... and yup that was me. The race got underway and the pace was seriously fast, first 8km's was covered in 11 minutes at an average speed of 45kph and a gradient coming in at a staggering -2.1%. Like how tough is that Confused? I would rather do the TDF twice than start a race like this. We got to the first little bump just after 16 km's and I heard a Eeooow! I was like WTF was that? Looked up and guess what? Jackson was attacking. So now I knew his secret war cry. Every Eeooow! meant he was attacking. The attack was covered quickly and that was the first split in the A bunch. The group consisted of about 25 riders maybe less and all the TCS riders were there including the weakest link me. Reached the 18km mark and I was knackered... balls in the throat and my lungs were getting caught in my spokes, but I had my poker face on that Lance one (BikeMax ignore) and the guys thought I was still fresh. I hit the point of no return and got dropped. Like how the hell am I supposed to stick with these okes after doing a blistering pre-race warm up. I got dropped or rather I was tired at this point so I decided to hook up with one of the elite lady riders...Michelle. Thought it would be easier to sit on her wheel
until the end but I was wrong.


I'm cruising along nicely setting a good pace for the BOSS and taking orders from the BOSS (Michelle) when I hear this vrrrrrr...from behind. I take a quick peak to the back and SMACK... Blue eye Ouch... Michelle: You better focus and stop looking around... I'm like gulp...YES BOSS... So still cruising along and still hearing this vrrrrrr...from behind. Again, quick peak to the back and duck, haha missed me... SPLAT! Look to the front...Darn bird poop on me handle bars! Dead ARghh... finally this vrrrrrr pulls up next to me and yeah it's photographer dude again Angry. So now I'm on edge, first orders from the boss, secondly bird poop on me handle bars and now photographer dude prowling and doing his rounds again. So I'm thinking
how's this chap... Do you actually know actually know who I am? People, well actually blind chics pay for photo's and you getting them free/gratis. I pull in front of this snazzy van bringing it to a complete stop. I'm thinking it's now or never... Today photographer dudes fingers are paste! As I walk over to the drivers door... race radio comes on...it's BOSS...Agh... Bad timing. BOSS needed help. She's lost. Now this is a the thing with BOSS. Whenever she rides out in this region she takes wrong turns and gets lost. So there photographer dude lives to snap pictures for another day...I'll be back Wink. After searching for BOSS for 2 hours I finally find her and off we go, back on race route and cruising along.

Hitting one of the major climbs of the day... 1.1km's at 6.5%, I see epoh...I mean Sonic who looked like he was on EPO pulling the leaders of the B bunch up. I'm thinking dude, do you ever pay attention to the road signs? It says MAX SPEED 100kph and you choose to ignore? Why? What makes you or separates you from the rest? So I ask him to slow down and he blames the okes behind him? I have a quick look at the okes behind him and think to myself, if there's anything that needs to slow down it would be the way they breathing! You were dishing out the pain and you looked seriously good and fresh and very strong. As Sonic passed I got a wiff of woman?s deo (Dove I think it was) Wink, so I'm thinking why IanJ does this...abuses Sonic and makes him wear the same Deo as dad...it's just wrong...but I suppose that's the Jone's for you. Big%20smileWink


About 35km's to the end one of the VETS that we passed earlier who got dropped from the VB group... Joins up with us. IanJ... I check his race number and it say's AL...Hmmm...Fishy?!?! I could have sworn it was VB146 earlier when we passed him. Must of had a spare some where and he then tells me he started in BL?!?! Wink, Anyway...I didn't let that bug me but that Dove deo got to me a tad. Cruised a long nicely with one of the great icons of cycling IanJ and I just wanna say a BIG BIG thank you to IanJ for riding with us and basically setting a nice pace for us and pulling us home Clap. The sprint finish was close but at the end Michelle took it followed by IanJ followed by me 15 seconds back. Next time IanJ just pick the pace up a tad OK? Big%20smile

All in all it was a good day to catch a TAN... Look at the scenery, count the ants, and set new records for holding my breath while climbing. A good day for the TCS team especially. Winning the mixed tandems again and catching a VA rider (Copman) that was taking Andrew McLean on in some part's of the race. A 2nd for Levi Clap, 3rd for Coenie Clap, 4th for Spinnekop Clap in the A bunch and a 1ST! for Sonic in the B bunch Clap. Amoryn for hanging in there and fighting back after a puncture Clap, Michelle for giving it her all on a not so great day Clap and mostly dudet who is a rider that gives more than 101% Clap... sorry 101% Wink

Tomorrow it's stage 3 (80+ km's) in the Tour de Heritage weekend and with me being way down on GC... I think tomorrow's the day for me to make up the lost time Evil%20Smile.

GC as follows:

1. Jaco  4hrs 30 mins
2. Spinnekop +1
3. epoh  +1:30
4. Sonic +1:33
5. IanJ  +3:21
6. Levi  +3:22
7. Coenie +3:23
8. Copman +4:56
9. Rene  +4:56
10. Amoryn +4:57
11. dudet +4:58
12. Michelle +4:59
13. Jason +1 day 23hrs 44minutes Shocked

Thanks and well done to everyone on completing the races this weekend! Thanks to Cruxie for all the support and the Nando's and just making the races/day more and more enjoyable! ClapBig%20smileClapBig%20smile

EK moet nou Survivor gaan kyk! Peace out!

Jason2006-09-24 11:21:15
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Are you sure that it?? Is there anyway you could go into more detail in the next report??Wink

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Jason i think you spend more time on your pc writting then on your bike, use that time and get on your trainer!

Maybe then you'll only lose half a day!
Chilly2006-09-24 12:52:20
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When I cam across Jason and Michelle Jason was off the bike at the side of the road and begging Michelle to let him stop and get into the nice Photographers van.


When Michelle saw me she said "Aha at last a real cyclist that will escort me back"


Jason begged and begged but we eventually got him back onto his bike and he very meekly followed us back.


For me it was a cool training ride, congrats to Sonic on winning the B's race (must be the genes) Wink.


See you guys for stage 3 tomorrow (if Jason makes it and it doesn't rain, he doesn't like getting wet).
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Well well done sonic!! awesome stuff!Clap

the elite's next year better watch out! Sonic will be there and then GAME OVER!Wink


congrats again.


see ya soon!
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<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Part two, tired from the previous days exploits around the country side I only woke up at 5,

as my father was going to ride with me to improve my seeding. We parked,

donned out kit and met up with, Jason, Epoh, Spidey? We were told that we would

 ride D and try to beat A?s time? So we casually worked our way over to the start to

 watch the rest of TCS go off in the A bunch, always wanting to race sheesh. I was

seeded B so I worked my way into the already full pen and found myself at the back

again. We set off and yet again I had one thing on my mind get to the front of the

bunch? but this time I had a secret weapon IANJ? he pulled me up to about 20th

position in the bunch, and I quickly had a look at the surroundings guys, a couple of

A?s a Cyclelab racing lady that looked really strong (I did not want to get beat by a

lady) and some strong looking B?s.


We continued on your merry way, and my dad turns to me and says

?We need to move up cause we going to miss the breaks?, and they attacked?

lol? from our 20th odd position in the bunch we caught the break and found ourselves

 riding 5th wheel. We came to another hill and again the same guy attacks, I went with

and got onto his wheel and the bunch caught up again, by this time my dads legs were

feeling the vets dischem race so, I think he got dropped (there went my lead out man).

I just sat in and up every hill the same guy tried to attack the bunch while his friend

tried to attack on the flats, every time they were reeled in. Not so sure what the hill is

called but it is the one were I caught Jason (on his second time round) but I decided

that it was time to see how good the boys were looking, the attacking guy battled to

stay on but I sat up as I was no going to time trial the final 50km, and the bunch was

brought back together with about 6 of us remaining. With one very strong guy at the

front doing the majority of the work I felt quite content sitting in the bunch and watch

the race unfold?


We turned onto the road that brings us out near the top of hekpoort (sorry I don?t

know its name) and this is were the race really picked up?  I knew the road as I had

 ridden it the previous day in the dischem but I have to admit it was nothing the same

from the other side. The long hills really took it out on us, eventually leaving us with

just 3 of us remaining, the very strong guy put in and attack with about 15km to go and

I couldn?t go with him. He gained a lead of no more then 500m. With about 5km to go

 I tried to ride across, a eventually caught him with about 500m to and I went straight

past him, to say he was tired is an understatement, and I got a lead of about 20secs as

I took the B win in a time of 2:56 (my first sub 3)Big%20smile.



Well done to everyone that completed the race, and to the TCS tandem on

 yet another win, and for the TCS A riders taking 2nd, 3rd and 4th I think.  ClapClapClapClap




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what is the difference between the cradle classic route & the cresta wheelers one next sunday?  looked @ both maps and still cant make out gat or stert of where is what.

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