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Baakens Valley (PE): Baywest to Bridge Street MTB


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I'm in PE this festive seasons and while being well akin with the goodness of Baakens Valley Trails, I've heard that there is a route from somewhere around Baywest Mall, all the way down to Bridge Street. Does anyone know anything more about this route. i.e. where it starts, route, if it's still being ridden, etc.?

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This is almost possible but there will be some tar/pavement, it's not really a marked route so you'd need someone local to show you the way. Some of the route is also not safe alone.

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You can enter the valley at Sunridge Park and ride all the way to Bridge Street, but I don't think that the trail has been cleared all the way to Baywest yet.

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There was a path from Baywest years ago, but the last time I tried to walk my dogs there, the area between Sherwood and Beverly Grove was overgrown and impossible to even walk, let alone cycle. The place was full of litter. Even the mini lake, which was used as bird watching spot was full of illegally dumped builders rubble.


Perhaps between then and now, anew trail has been built.


There is still a path running along the railway line which could potentially lead you back to the valley.

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