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Which is the better if the rides ( structure or real)


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I have Sani2C coming up this year ( 1st one for me).


Me and partner ride together most weekends. We do anywhere from short 40 spruit dash to 60 loops out to cradle and back to occasion 80 to 100km rides.


I commute to work and back twice a week currently. Its a 17 km there and 17 back the afternoon.


I also have a smart trainer set up with zwift.


And then once a week i do a 6 or so km run.


My question: should i rather use zwift or rather do the real miles and commute those two days.

Whiche one is best for the training? The structure of zwift/program or real miles?

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Have you done a FTP test on Zwift? 

This is the only way to benefit from riding on zwift with a smart trainer while following structured plans.

Your zwift sessions is much more "value for time" in terms of physiological responses to training, if your training is structured correctly.


But, Doing longer rides (time) to accustom the body to the physical exertion of riding off road (legs, back arms etc) riding is very important.


I did a sani after riding exclusively on zwift due to injury from the previous december, and fitness was there but my body took a beating. 


Of course, Zwift does sweet blue for technical riding ability, or the explosive bursts that is required for MTB.

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I'm usually my fittest in winter when I do a combination of TrainerRoad sessions on the trainer and mtb rides over the weekend.


I think this will be a very personal thing, so I speak for myself when I say that when I am outside on a ride I often have the mentality of "this is for fun" and will likely push myself a bit less than when on the trainer with the mentality of "work for an hour, follow the structure".


I personally don't like the trainer, but it certainly is extremely effective by adding sprints, intervals, etc, and making the most of an hour or 90mins. Pair that with some good km's on the bike and you have a winning recipe.


Just speaking from experience though, no science/proof behind any of this.

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