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Mavic cosmic elite UST


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My daughter is currently competing in sprint triathlons and at the moment we have Mavic Ksyrium Elites on her bike.


Really thinking of going the UST route to try eliminate as much chance as possible of not puncturing and in the case of a puncture speed of plug and bomb compared to tube change.


CWC have the UST cosmics on sale for R6600 at present complete with tyres valves sealant etc.


Just looking for some feedback on these wheels and tyres and any good or bad experiences with UST road system.








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It seems that the biggest problem with running tubless road tyres is finding a sealant that works under high pressure.

Yes there is a common theme of the higher the pressure the more difficult the sealing process.


My daughter probably weighs 50kgs soaking wet so would definitely be to run lower pressures than max which would help this as well.


Its not decisive though is it.


I think the Mavic being a matched design could be in their favour of a solution to the other fitment issues.


A sprint tri is over in just over an hour so anything the tubeless couldn't handle would of been race ending (position wise) anyway



My application would be for race day only and would use the existing mavics for all other riding.


Its just when we sat on the side of the road Sunday fixing a puncture (that was a tiny sliver of wire thinner than a needle basically a strand of a gear/brake cable) and thinking how easily this would of been prevented.


She is racing SA champs in Durban in March and besides the cost of travel accommodation etc the thought of puncturing during this is my main reason to think of this option.

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Have a look at the video in the link below:




It’s the owner of my lbs who created this product,

He used normal gatorskin tyres on normal taped rims in the clip,

I have not tried this product of his,but the wheels have been standing there in the shop for some time with no leaks..

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Just a warning about those tyres. I had the normal tubed version on the back (Powerlink) and i got more punctures in 4 months riding that than I have on all of my other road bike tyres combined over about 2 years.

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I’m running tubeless and must enjoy it far more than tubes tyres.

Sealant works at low pressure seals it and u good to do ur pressure will drop to bout 4bar which shud be fine if she weighs 50kgs.

I had bout 3 punctures which sealed

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