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Good Day


What is the census on the brand SRT? Are the bikes good? 


Thank you



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Know the guys bringing them in. Warren from Token Sports SA. So there's a range of products and back up support available.

From what I gather the frames are open mould products, however Warren is very particular on the quality control and specification. I think being from the motor industry originally he has a good idea of what to look out for and control. 
The stuff I've seen looks well finished and haven't heard any issues from mechanics who have worked on the bikes. 

That said I haven't ridden one first hand.

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Call Token, check on parts availability and warranty procedure...nothing against Token, but make sure of your facts generally.

There have been so many brands that have come and gone, and even those that have stayed but any sort of warranty involves sending the frame over seas for a claim.

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I can't find a website for them. Surely a well established brand would at the very least have a website.

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Those are not SRT websites. Those are Token and Bike Addicts websites.

Perhaps read danger dassies post #2 in which he understands them to be Chinese open mould carbon being brought in by Token under a house brand SRT... similar to what Planet X do in the uk.  So you are unlikely to find a specific SRT website.

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