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Children with Hope

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Good morning everyone.

I have start cycling 3 weeks ago, with the mission to create awareness about children with brain injuries, my daughter also have cerebral palsy.


So 15 years ago I was very fit done 30km a day. So I took my bike out of the garage and clean it, and got it in a stage to go again.

Its a old trek 800. It must keep on goning until the end of the year for me to save for a new one.

So this week the pedals start to get stuck. I bought new pedals and yesterday I tried to remove the old ones and it must be rusted.

Can you please give me advise how to get it loose, i sprayed it q20 and leave it the night and still nothing??

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Remember that the pedals have different threads on both sides, smoke sure you are turning them the correct way when loosening them

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If I recall correctly, you need to point the Allen key/spanner to the rear of the bike when attached to the pedal and then push down

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Welcome to the hub. 


Remember that pedals tighten and loosen in the opposite direction to normal.


To loosen the pedal you need to ensure that you are turning it in a clockwise motion if facing the pedal


If you dont have the correct tools, you can try a spanner or shifting spanner and give the spanner a good clap with a hammer and hopefully that will loosen the pedal

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As already stated -

Remember, the left pedal spindle is reverse threaded. Turn it clockwise to removethe pedal when facing the crank arm. The right side is normal, so turn it anti-clockwise to loosen it.


From 3:00 :




And then there IS the possibility the metal has gotten stuck over the years ... spray with Q20 or similar, again and again ....  Making sure you have the direction sorted, remove it with a nice long spanner

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Thanks for the reply, I watched one clip on YouTube, he said you should turn it in the opposite direction you pedal?


Put it is really stuck, i even broke one spanner.

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If possible take the crank arms off and put them in a vice with some rags or an old inner tube for protection and then try to loosen the pedals.  If q20 does not work get some penetrating oil.

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