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Starting out in the industry


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Hi all, I am a 19 year old passionate mountain biker living in cape town and i`d like to get a job in the mountain biking or cycling world. If any of you are/have been in the industry and have any advice it would be much appreciated, I feel abit intimidated by it all and am not sure where to start or what skills/qualifications are expected. 

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First port of call: Approach all teh bike shops in your region and see if there's a job going in the sales / service departments. 


If you get a post in the Sales department, make sure you learn AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE about the stuff you sell, as well as read up on forums regarding the types of kit your shop specialises in, while remaining observant to marketer spin and competitor ideas in order to form an educated opinion on your brand vs theirs. 


I cannot impress how important product knowledge is to a sales person, not to mention the need to remain as matter-of-fact as possible. No holier-than-thou approaches, no attempts to make your company seem like the best apart from through excellent service and attention to detail. NOT shoulder puffing and bravado. They are not "the best" they are only an alternative option which may have an edge in one particular place. 


If you get into the service department, learn as much as you can through following the mechs through all they do, ask questions, LISTEN to the answers, and if anything doesn't make sense, ask. THe only stupid question is an unasked one. 


If you tell us where you live, we can give you recommendations on who to approach and which shops to target. But, good luck. Remember: We can all still learn something from someone else. Nobody who ever professes to know everything should ever be trusted. 

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What kind of position are you looking for?


1. As a cycling guide? Talk to the companies that do stuff like that




2. As a sales person or a mechanic for a shop?



Many more all over the place


3. Working for a wholesaler?




4. For a cycling related NGO?





5. What am I forgetting? 

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Much thanks for the detailed answers and interest, I`m in constantia and close to the constantia uitsig bike park so they are on top of the list at the moment. I`d like to get a job as a mechanic, but i`m worried ill be under qualified. Is there any basics i should be able to do? Ive serviced my bike so i`m not completely inept and I am eager to learn, is that enough? Thanks again. 

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My son went to the UK and did the full course before it was offered in RSA https://www.cytech.training/


It is available in RSA at https://www.torqzoneacademy.co.za/

If you want to become a bike mechanic I agree with the above, it is a great idea to do a formal training course. I don't know of any in Cape town, but I know some of the great local mechanics will be able to give you advice about where to get the best training: 



Talk to Jared Mahaffey



Speak to Niels Hansen



Speak to Andrew ("Drew" here on the BikeHub)


Not only will they be able to give advice, but all 3 own their own specialized workshops and they will be able to give you some insight into the business and where the opportunities are.   

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