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MTB stage racing fit?

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You can get plenty fit between now and September, so don't stress about it.


Often people fall into the LSD, base training thing too quick which makes you lazy, so even though base is important, make sure you "train" and don't just sit on your bike.


What helps a lot is trainnerroad if you have an IDT.  You can do a base and a build block before september, this will do magic for your fitness with few mid-week sessions having to be longer than 1-hour in length.

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I got some nice power based training from Absolute fit for doing the Sani, it helps, "training peaks" to see how your training is improving your fitness and strength vs fatigue.

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How long does it take with reasonable weekly effort to get fit enough to complete a 70km a day 3 day Mtb race? I have only been cycling for about 6 months. Any advice would be appreciated.


Hi Andy.

Give me a rough weekly outline of hours vs intensity and your past 2 years rough guidelines, and I have no problem giving you some advice.

my e mail info@coachinc.co.za



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Just a quick note: 7 h/w on the bike can build a good fitness level but as t rob says: rough weekly outline of hours vs intensity. 

You can do a 45 min power cycling session which will add more value than a 3 hour easy pedal with friends. I don't like playing devil's advocate but your friends really dealt you a blow by entering the 3 Towers after only 6 months worth of cycling.


You'll probably be fine with some base fitness but:


If you're doing the main one (3 Towers and not Mncane) I would suggest you start to focus on climbing rather than distance. For a stage to have 1450m of climbing over 66km on day 1 means you'll spend the majority of your day climbing. I won't be surprised if you had a daily average of 10-12km/h. 


Try to do some rides that have the same amount of "total ascent" and see how it goes

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