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Victoria Drive - PE - another attack

Longbarn Killer

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I read in today's paper that 2 cyclists (father and 13 y/o son) were attacked on Victoria Drive and stabbed quite badly.


Please guys......there are signs warning cyclists that this is a high crime area. Please pay attention to them, they are there for a reason.


Father and son are recovering quite well. 

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I got a voice note about this. One of them was stabbed 8 times. It was two "African" guys, because saying b...k is not deemed politically correct these days.

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It's a sad state of affairs, we shouldn't have *** like this to deal with.


Having said that, cyclists in PE know not to cycle this route alone. Even if you are not from PE, there are massive signs warning of the crime on this road.


I don't know the circumstances, but I would never take my 13 y/o on a road where signs are warning you of the dangers.


What made it worse is that both of them refused to hand over their bikes and tussled with the attackers. This is when the stabbing started. We all know that your life is more important than a bike.

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