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Wahoo tickr X and garmin 935 issues


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Good day all,


Bought the wahoo tickrX this week to use in the pool as the garmin 935 turns off the optical sensor for HR.


So they synced and talking to each other happy on the bike and run settings, before the swim starts it says connected to the HRM ,


But after the swim and once synced on the garmin app there is no HR info, all the swim info is there


On the wahoo app it syncs the activity but no HR shown.


Anyone have any advice? Help?


Much appreciated.



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No it won't work - the ant+ signal cannot pass through water - the Swim and Tri HR monitors get around this by storing the data in the actual HR unit and then transmitting it to the watch once you are out of the water.

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The garmin swim hr strap is a waste of money imho had it a week or so and sold it.hr data swimming vs land based stuff is much different .the strap also came loose after cluple 100s of meters in the pool, had it all kinds of ways and the whole time all i had in my head whilst swimming is wether the strap is going to slide off and when.

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