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Hi Guys which bike is the best from these two


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Nah - if there are any issues with an old 2nd hand bike you'll need many more thousands to fix it (if 26er fork spares are even available) - risky if your budget is limited and you don't know much about bikes.

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Short Adult yes i'm looking for entry level bike I'm 59"  1.5 in metres  tall


Ask the shop to do a "bike fit" before you buy.


Things such as saddle "set back" vs the pedals has limited adjustment.  If you buy the wrong size frame you may well get aches and pains if you start doing longer rides.



With the saddle in the correct position to the pedals, you need to check the "reach" to the handlebars.  Initially you may want a more upright riding position, but as you get fitter you may want to "drop your shoulders" for a more effective riding position. 



In this price range the parts will be very similar (read - basic).  Which is perfectly fine for a starter bike.  For trail riding you may want to upgrade later ....



So getting the frame size right should be first priority.  From Bike Addict - https://bike-addict.co.za/pages/bike-addict-size-guide


so you may JUST too tall for the 26'' - according to that list !!  In reality you may well fit one brand perfectly on 26'', and another the 27,5 may fit you better .... 


Then the MOST important item - get one that looks good to you, and makes you want to ride ....







PS - for a kid the advise would have been different, as they grow through these sizes too fast !!  Bought yet another kids bike last week ....

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Thanks so 27.5er parts are still available compared 26er ?


The only truly unique part is the fork.



Titan makes stunning 26'' bikes for kids !!  (probably just too small for you at 1,59)


Gears, brakes, saddle-posts etc are all the same between the different sized bikes  (well sort of)


But the way the way the fork and frame links has changed a LOT over the last few years !  



At the moment we have 2 off 26'' bikes .... no issue getting spares !!  Though I may well struggle to get a shock for the older model .....  tires ... easy to get ... not so easy to get a wider selection of options .....

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