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Fibre Provider Poor or Good

Eddy Gordo

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Ok, another thread but this one can hopefully serve as a database for future fibre suscribers.


I was previously on mweb ADSL and never had one connection problem or even dropping of signal. 
I could even pick up my wife in the road which is about 40 to 50 meters away from the modem.


Earlier this year, the wife and I are cost cutting, cancelling subscriptions etc and decide we going the fibre route and netflix etc.


So I do some research, all the companies I am interested in doing business with cannot provide me a service as vumatel has locked down our area and are preventing anyone else from giving them some competition. I say this because the different providers we have spoken to have told us " O, in your area only vumatel is allowed", " Vumatel does not want any other infrastructure in your area" and more or less the same for some other companies.


Anyway, I need an installation of at least 40m, and alot of companies only offer free installation up to about 12m I think. So guys please check this out. We eventually settled with


Mweb - Free Installation, meterage no problem is what we were told.

Zyxel router is a piece of crap, I am lucky to pick up signal in the front of my house

Zumatel network is unstable, keeps dropping and reconnecting.


Zumatel installation team does not care how you want the installation done. They do just what they want. Fortunately MWEB rung the necks and they came to redo the installation, but now I am left with a massive hole on my lawn. I will get around to sorting it out next week, when I am on leave.


We have fibre for 2 months now, and while the speeds and costs are great, unfortunately the infrastructure provided my Vumatel sucks. 


If you have other choices I suggest you go with someone else.


Mweb kicks butt in the service department and have seen to everything to help resolve the installation issue. 

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I was also with Mweb ADSL before ridding Telkom from my life. Mweb were fantastic, and also on hand up to 22:00 everyday to assist with any problems.l (which were few and far between).


Vodacom is the only provider in my complex, and while I haven’t had many problems with them (for 16 months), they aren’t the cheapest. Their customer service is like an empty toilet roll... good for something, but not it’s intended use.


10MB down, and 5MB up and probably only offline once or twice in the time we’ve had it.


Installation was convenient. They installed to the point I wanted, and worked neatly. The only problem is not trunking the cable from their outside box to the inside connection, so it lies loose against the boundary wall about 5cm below ground level. I have to explain nicely to the garden executive not to use the fork in this area.

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Im with Openserve on a 100/50 connection, its been really good for the 3 months I have had it.

The easy part with Openserve is that they use overhead lines so the cable comes in the same way an analogue one would have.

I had just finished building my house when it was installed so I had run conduit through the ceiling with draw wires and it terminated exactly where I wanted.

All in the installation took just over an hour with no digging involved.


Once thing I can say about any CPE type router is they all suck pretty badly.

I have a Mikrotik router handling connections and Ubiquiti Unifi AP's in the house. 

There really isnt anything better for a home setup and its rock solid.

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