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  1. Damn!!! Speedy recovery @Robbie Stewart A buddy of mine had a knee op in June. He is recovering slowly and is miserable cause he cant ride.
  2. LOL, He must have seen that snake on DH3!!!!!! it was so tiny, i thought it was a little stick at first
  3. I ride left back, right front mainly because I prefer it this way. Being right handed allows me to be alot more sensitive in braking the front wheel with the right hand.
  4. I love dates, but one date I dont care too much for is a medjool date. I dont like the fiberous texture. Some of my favourites especially for taste are muzafati, ajwa, safawi and zamli. Also their flavours are caramel, chocolate or toffee like depending which one.
  5. damn, I need to go ride out that way. Havent in a long time, mostly cause almost no one wants to ride road. Gonna have to venture out on my own soon.
  6. I ask them for the sticker and sticker bomb my bike rack. Hides all the nasty scratches.
  7. @Hairy we were right about vali!
  8. Just as a reference, I have made a few instant payments which have taken a day or 2 to clear. I have also received instant payments that take a day or 2. On the other hand I make several std payments which go through within half an hour.
  9. Thanks, I am gonna get a bottle. I cant get used to the blink product.
  10. Years ago when I had a bike. I used it to commute. I think I use 20 to 50 bucks on fuel for the week, including driving around on weekends. Whats the fuel cost now to run a 750cc?
  11. Is it similar in texture to renu?
  12. True, I just liked the creativity of these guys.
  13. I am also using toric lenses. Its the solution that I am having problems with or rather the shortage of stock.
  14. Greg Minnaar Sustains Suspected AC Separation in Snowshoe World Cup Qualification Run [Updated with Video] https://www.pinkbike.com/news/greg-minnaar-separates-ac-joint-in-snowshoe-world-cup-qualification-run.html
  15. If you can find someone to make you something similar You could even possibly make use of webbing
  16. I need to use contact lenses when cycling. I am used to only using renu lens solution. With this global recall, I cant find any now. My current stock is running out and I have bought a product called Blink from dischem. Blink is just way too thick, very gel like, whereas renu is alot thinner and just easier to help in removing lenses for me. I really struggle. Is there anything else available similar to renu? Anyone have any experience with Acuvue Revitalens?
  17. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Bitter, no man we having fun Bitterly slow!! LOL last time I checked, I didnt pay to enter a race when I am out riding, I am there to enjoy myself and the time doesnt matter. I dont know if anyone else has the same thought as me. Most ebike riders all advocate for an ebike. "O you so need to get an ebike", "time to get an ebike". Sorry guys, ebikes are a different category of cycling which I am not interested in.(maybe when I cant walk anymore) I wonder if they realise that people have tested ebikes and decided against it! Like me for instance, I will suffer up the climbs, walk most of the way and enjoy myself on the downs. Should I decided to drop that kind of cash on another bicycle, I wont! I would rather buy myself another motorbike(had one previously) or invest in holiday/out of town accommodation.
  18. back in the day, playing park cricket with a hardball and getting bowled against the head no helmet back then!! Then one day playing school cricket, top edge on a hook shot and again against the head. That was the last, made sure to leave or connect proper after that.
  19. Damn, thanks for the tip. Seems like there will always be an occasion.... nothing will beat a puncture that doesnt want to be fixed I suppose!
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