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Carbon Seat post modified or new mould


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I've seen pro's turn the seatpost around in order for the 20mm setback to point forward and thus gaining those extra centimetres


Just remember the UCI rule of your seat not being more that 5cm from the centre of the BB.

But if it is for triathlon, then you are okay. 

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3cm is a really long way for a modified seatpost (if it's even possible) and turning the seatpost around will probably end up with a ridiculous seat angle or some other issue.


Rather get one of these: https://trishopsa.com/search?collection=all&type=product&x=0&y=0&q=fast+forward+seatpost


I've got one for when I use my road bike for triathlons and it works an absolute treat.

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This post has a set back - why don't you just use a straight post without setback? Or am I missing something?

Most aero seat posts are manufacturer specific. 


If that specific manufacturer does not manufacture a zero offset post or the local importer does not stock or if it is a really old model bike and you cannot get anymore, then your are screwed basically.

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It is a teardrop shape can't turn it around. It's for TT

As it’s basically a custom seat post, have you checked with the oem to see if they have a seat post with a more forwards offset?

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