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Any tips please on how to stop SRAM force brakes from always “Moaning” and squeaking when applied?

If there is another post like this please kindly direct me to it.

Thank you.

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Don't touch your rotors, the oil from your fingers can contaminate them.


Bed your pads in properly from new or they'll glaze and howl.


(These are the obvious ones, but they need mentioning)

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It is possible that your calipers are not set Right or Disks are Contaminated.


If they are set Right and Disks are Good Then:




Just a bit on the back of the Pads and Pins. (You got to be so Careful That None of It gets on the Front of the Pads and Disks.


Midas Edenvale Got Stock 103 ZAR


If your Disks are contaminated Wash With Car Wash Neat and a Toothbrush Make Sure to Work Hard on the Holes in the Disk. It's Essential to take the disks off the Wheel Otherwise you Will end up with Bent Disks. Contaminated Disks Look Off Color - Brownish Blueish (look at the holes there is something inside).

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