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Night cycling glasses

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Gents what are good glasses for cycling at night? I see some okes ride with yellow lenses. Does it make a difference? 

I wear contact lenses and my eyes are prone to drying out. So I need to keep the wind off them. 

Any tricks to stop them misting up when riding with a buff? 

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I use glasses with photochromic lenses, that way it doesn’t really matter what time of day/night I ride. Generally speaking the more expensive lenses go a bit more clear than the cheaper ones when in the dark. Oakley’s as well as POCs are very good. 

Otherwise just a clear lense works well.


I find any sort of tint to be more annoying than anything else in the dark.

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The yellow tinted ones do improve your low light vision. I found mine at a gunshop. They are used as eye protection by shooters and to create more contrast between a flying clay pigeon and the blue sky background.

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